beauty trends come and go every year, most being incredibly popular and relatively normal. However, some of the craziest trends have come out of various websites. Since the wonder of Pinterest came to light, hundreds of beauty boards have been created by beauty bloggers giving Tips And Tricks. The internet is now full of life hacks, beauty tips, and home remedies without breaking the bank. With some strange tips created out of money-saving products, it’s hard to know what is worth trying.

Here are the beauty tricks that are worth noting.

Bold and beautiful

A popular trick making the rounds amongst beauty bloggers is using orange or coral lipstick under the eyes. The colors neutralize dark circles, minimizing the appearance of dark under eye circles, the lipstick doesn’t have to be too pricey either.

One of the most popular and older tips is the use of Vaseline to make perfume last longer. Placing Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your favorite scent, the product holds onto the fragrance much longer.

Using toothpaste to get rid of that giant pimple is an incredibly true rumor, placing it on the spot before bed will combat it overnight. However, the result will have a drying effect on your skin, the top tip is to use white plain toothpaste.

Using toothpaste should always be used as a temporary solution and not a permanent part of your skin routine.

A bizarre and slightly weird product to use is Hemorrhoid cream, an old-school trick sworn by most elders to reduce puffy eyes. The cream has anti-inflammatory agents used to shrink the swollen under the eye.

Weird and wonderful

Get extra-long lashes without the need for fake eyelashes -- heat an eyelash curler with a hairdryer. Be careful with this handy trick, do not apply the hot curler straight away. Allow the curler to warm slightly and this will achieve fantastic results.

Save money on buying expensive whitening toothpaste and gels, and use a natural home remedy already in your fridge.

Strawberries are great at breaking down stains with the acids contained in the fruit. Simply take a handful and squash into a bowl. Rub them onto your teeth before brushing and rinse with water before brushing with regular toothpaste.

All these tips are incredibly helpful and recommended by beauty bloggers across the internet. It's worth checking out even if they seem weird -- they will become go-to hacks in your future routines.