Pickup trucks provide the usual aid for those who are into hauling and cargo transport. Years have passed and the good 'ol pickup truck has evolved to just more than a mere hauling machine. Pickup trucks have become every off-roading enthusiasts' ultimate companion.

Jeep Wrangler is an all-American favorite off-roader. This is made evident because of its 50-year history. Also, its iconic look makes it one of the most stylish and aggressive-looking of its kind which adds to its timeless appeal. However, the addition of a pickup truck version makes the Wrangler even more exciting.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup is highly-anticipated. It is expected to be launched before the end of 2017 so rumors and speculations will soon be put to stop.

Where will it be first showcased?

There are still major auto shows left before the year ends. The 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show is scheduled from December 1 to 10, 2017 while the 2018 Detroit Auto Show is from January 14 to 28, 2018. These major auto shows may well be the venue to showcase the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup. However, it still has yet to be confirmed by FCA.

The possibility of a separate launch event especially for the Wrangler Pickup is also a possibility. At this point, it is a guessing game that experts and car enthusiasts are willing to play.

The air of excitement gives it that much-needed buzz leading to its official unveiling.

What to expect?

First off, the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup may come in either 4- or 2-door variations. Both are interesting, however, the 2-door variation gives the pickup an even more attractive and aggressive appeal. Its design may also be similar to that of Wrangler JL.

The upcoming pickup may come with even better suspensions, making it even more capable in handling the toughest terrain it can ever face. Since most pickup trucks go the lightweight route, the Wrangler Pickup may follow the trend. It is common knowledge that a lightweight vehicle translates to overall improved performance.

The 2019 Wrangler Pickup may come with predominantly aluminum body which significantly contributes to the loss of unwanted pounds.

Its interior is expected to receive update which includes FCA's latest UConnect infotainment system. Better seat ergonomics and premium materials most likely may be seen inside as well.

The Wrangler Pickup also stays to true to its all-American reputation. It will be built in Toledo, Ohio. The Jeep Wrangler gets the top award for 2017 AMI primarily because 75 percent of its parts are sourced domestically. This is expected to be the same case for the upcoming Jeep pickup truck.

What about its power?

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup is reported to be powered by turbocharge inline-4 engine which is codenamed "Hurricane" which is capable of producing an output of 300-horsepower. Such engine may be an optional upgrade instead of the 3.8-liter V-6 engine capable of 285-horsepower.

The V-6 engine is what powers the current Wrangler.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup is unstoppable. In just a few months, Jeep fans will be treated with this incredible Wrangler pickup version. Though pricing has yet to be confirmed, it is expected to sell a LOT. Well, this doesn't come as a surprise. Jeep fans and enthusiasts are sure to patronize this pickup no matter how steep its price tag is.

Jeep Wrangler never fails to bring in excitement. How much more if it comes in a pickup version which has not been seen for a long time? The excitement stems from the possibility that the Wrangler Pickup may be the most powerful and capable of its kind upon official release.

Stay tuned for more updates.