"Rick and Morty" is a show that is centered around the otherworldly adventures of a rather iconic grandpa-grandson duo. Despite the show being largely centered around the adventures of these two characters (the show is named after them for Christ’s sake), what really makes the show whole is the whole family. In fairly a noticeable contradiction to the main season, this second season felt less based on "Rick and Morty", investigating a greater amount of the other center characters (Summer, Jerry, and Beth).

Of all the characters of the Smith-Sanchez family, Jerry Smith is the one who is always made a bad example of.

Constantly trolled over and left to a point where he’s left looking for smart comebacks, Jerry Smith is the most human element in the show who brings the whole plot to a sense of earthly grounding. Forever dwelling in a sense of self-doubt while owning up to everyday responsibilities to his personal best, Jerry is what brings the family together and makes it complete.

We have handpicked 10 good reasons why Jerry Smith is the best, and why he deserves much more than what he’s dished out.

10. Jerry is real

Devoid of all earthly descriptions of what success and manliness is, Jerry breaks those horrid, man-made stereotypes without effort. There is absolutely nothing fake about him, and he doesn’t work too hard to impress or stand out, and he still does.

9. Jerry is ideal for Beth

Being a lady with abandonment issues for the longest time, Jerry Smith is the pillow of comfort Beth truly deserves, although it isn’t portrayed so very often. They are the real, everyday portrayal of what modern married life is all about. (Refer episode Rixty Minutes)

8. Jerry actually loves his family

Jerry relies on his family to validate his existence in the most real and silliest of ways.

Any other definition of a modern man would gladly walk out on his family, given the amount of daily emasculation that Jerry goes through, but Jerry takes it all and chooses to stay. Humans in general work all their lives to find someone who would stay.

7. Jerry is Old School

The key attribute that makes Jerry Smith who he is, is the fact that he is unapologetically old school.

This makes him a man of values and honor. This is notably the reason why he seems like the odd one out in a family that is constantly trying to fit themselves into pop culture and modern societal demands.

6. Jerry is a simple man

Owing to the fact that humans are hypnotized in a consumer driven world, Jerry has minimal external needs. His family is his wealth and he invests all his energy and effort in keeping that together

5. Jerry is a go-getter

Contrary to popular belief, Jerry truly is an achiever. The only person who brings that out in him is Beth, which makes the whole thing more adorable.

With a little assurance and validation from her, Jerry is unstoppable. (Refer episode Meseeks and Destroy)

4. Jerry knows how to lighten up the mood

Usually tagged as silly, Jerry is a master at making the environment less tense just by being his authentic self. No fancy impersonations, no special skills, no bee-ess. Just classic Jerry Smith to the rescue.

3. Jerry is a hopeless romantic

This one definitely adds up to the old-school persona of Jerry, but we had to stress about it. Jerry is no f$%#boy. He’s true and loyal to his wife.

2. Jerry knows his sh*t

It goes without saying that Jerry has a good radar when it comes to knowing who or what a human is like.

The funny thing, however, is that even he may not realize how receptive and analytical he can sometimes be when the situation calls for it. (Refer episode The Wedding Squanchers)

1. Jerry is the sweetest

The very fact that Jerry is humble and is kind to everyone and everything without them having to butter him up in any way speaks volumes about how much of a lively person he is, despite being diagnosed with depression. As they say, the best of people are probably the ones who are the saddest. True, unpretentious wisdom is Jerry’s forte, self-trust and self-esteem aren't. Makes him all the more lovable in our opinion.

He represents each one of us doing our best to keep our loved ones happy, and successfully get through the day.