One of the primary focuses of the current Trump administration has been climate change, or rather a denial of climate change. Within the first week of taking office, President Trump managed to sign multiple executive orders that froze funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and gagged the National Parks Service (NPS).

Misinformation has been forced into the media by climate change denier Scott Pruitt, and the scientists are losing their jobs at the EPA left and right. With all of the recent attacks against conservation efforts, combating climate change on a more personal level has never been more prudent.

Transportation and Diet

It is no secret that the fossil fuel industry is destroying the environment. Greenhouse Gas Emissions into the atmosphere have increased with the rise of the automobile industry. One way to reduce one's own carbon footprint is to live without a car.

This lifestyle change may be more difficult for people who live in smaller towns or rural areas. However, all major cities have many methods of public transportation. Metro stations, trains, and buses are some of the common forms of public transport. Other alternatives to owning a car in a big city is walking or riding a bike.

Another great way to combat climate change is to become a vegetarian. Animal farms cause a tremendous amount of pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Farming plant-based food requires much less energy intensive and is all-around better for the environment.

Family Planning

One highly controversial way to fight climate change is to have fewer children. Researchers at Lund University performed a study that focused on climate change mitigation. Living without a car saves 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and becoming a vegetarian saves 0.8 tonnes.

The study also found that having just one less child saves 59 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That means that having fewer children is 295 times better than recycling and 590 times better than using energy-efficient lightbulbs.

By providing access to contraceptives and investing more into female education and empowerment, the world could potentially save 120 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050.

Rock the vote!

The last and most easily achievable lifestyle change to help fight climate change is to elect the right people locally and federally. The only way to see real change in environmental policy is to vote for politicians who support conservation.

President Trump promptly replaced the head of the EPA with climate change denier Scott Pruitt. He also dismantled the Clean Water Act and has given the green light to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to continue with construction.

By voting for officials who will fight for conservation and science, one will help to preserve the planet. A frontrunner to look at is volcanologist Jess Phoenix. She is running for California's 25th congressional district seat in this year's mid-term election.