There’s no denying the stylishness of “#Persona 5” and how it revitalized the series with its flashy gameplay and smooth music. While the characters themselves sported some impressive gear, what really got people talking was the battle menu that led to all sorts of options. The heroes could choose among “Order, Gun, Persona, Item, Guard and Attack” with the touch of a button instead of having to go through a scroll wheel.

With Anime Expo in full swing, some people actually took the time to make a cosplay out of it. Yes, some people actually took the time to craft the Persona 5 battle menu and bring it to Real Life.

These quirky cosplayers took to the said event and took some impressive pictures with several cosplayers.

"Persona 5" cosplayers in the anime expo

According to Kotaku, there was a certain crew of cosplayers that was walking around Anime Expo carrying a cardboard version of the game’s battle menu. Needless to say, their cosplay became a major hit as many other cosplayers took the time to pose in mid-combat with the menu surrounding them. You might be wondering which brilliant minds are behind the ingenious cosplay concept of the battle menu. They are none other than thatsketchasaurus and arktoons.

Despite the many pictures they took during the event, they were kicked off the showroom floor for their costume.

Luckily, they still hung around the area so that fans could still enjoy and take pictures with them. They became such a hit that even the voice actors of Persona 5 took some pictures with them. It goes to show that even the simplest “cosplays” can become a major hit among fans.

The stylish menu becomes a meme

In a different Kotaku report, it goes to show that the game’s user interface makes everything much more distinctive with its colors and design.

It has become such a big hit that the battle menu has become a popular meme on the internet. Fans have made a transparent version of the said menu to place on top of other images. The result turns some mundane images into surprisingly creative photos.

The menu itself in the game has some sort of “kinetic feel” that really brings each action to life.

While others have berated turn-based combat in modern gaming, Atlus has accepted the challenge and made something slow and tactical into fast and fun. The game’s aesthetic is one reason why it has gained so much attention since its release and there’s no denying that Persona 5 is one stylish game.