The 30th of July will mark the dawn of a new era, darker and infinitely more bountiful and versatile in every manner imaginable. The aching wait for the third season of "Rick and Morty" ends this month. Two more weeks to go.

It is the certain reality that any economically effective and viral subject contaminates the web, and the web community acknowledges the notoriety of a hotly debated issue with much respect.Notwithstanding all temperances and chances, "Rick and Morty" is one show that can cross realities effortlessly because of the way it's composed.

This thus opens up a huge number of substitute substances for fanfiction, some of which have just been generally talked about and taken a shot at.

No stone left unturned

"Rick and Morty", to have collected such an immensely ginormous fan following over such a concise time allotment as an energized television show is an achievement that merits commending. The millennials, particularly, have taken a gigantic liking and endearment to "Rick and Morty's" fine harmony between negativity, criticism, and confronting these everyday hurdles with a dash of silliness and a great deal of science/rationale.

The fan following haven’t missed any chance of displaying their loyal allegiance to their beloved animated television show since the dawn of it.

There has been an interestingly varied spectrum of tributes, and the one we have especially handpicked and curated for your entertainment isn’t very far off from the plethora of fine art. Here is our list of the best "Rick and Morty" Nail Art.

Show me what you got!


Pretty much self-explanatory.

Simplicity and minimalism at its best.


Here’s some super sweet portal gun goodness and we figured we could start you all off with this work of art. And there’s the show title too. Ooowee!


We love the cute little spaceship on the thumb.

Definitely more detail on the characters as well as the portals.


Practice makes perfect, and the one above is a testimony to the fact that it does indeed. Look how the portals are way more intricated and defined? "Rick and Morty" look way more realistic as well. We’d be glad if we got one coat right.


The colors on this one are so gorgeous. Scary Terry hasn’t looked this pretty ever. Got to appreciate the super neat work.


Here’s Mister Meeseeks by the same artist as the above nail paint.

LOOK AT HIM! Absolutely loving the splash of colors on this one as well. Wouldn’t take long to catch one’s eye.


The third one is a charm, and this one with Rick Sanchez most definitely is one by the same nail artist as the one for Mister Meseeks and Scary Terry. We love the consistency in how well it is all put together. Also, love the fact that the characters are all on the middle finger.


This nail artist really seems like she loves the show. Number four from the same artist. Isn’t too hard to figure considering the similar art method being employed on all four designs.

Absolutely fantastic job on Morty Smith!


Getting two strokes off of Jerry Smith’s golf game was definitely one hell of a task for the Meseeks, and we can see the transition of it all in this slick and smart nail art. Beth saves the day.


Extra points for Mister Meseeks hair sticking out of the thumb nail. Scary Terry’s razor sharp blades look intimidating as well. Pretty damn creative, these two.


We thought we should wrap the collection up with the one with the most number of characters. Glad Snowball could make it into this one. Pretty damn schwifty, this one.