Despite being a cold-hearted and detached cynical genius with a resting bitch face, Rick ‘flipping’ Sanchez is the undoubted epitome of efficient self-expression. Our beloved protagonist from "Rick and Morty" is the star and heart of the show and knows best when and how to Get Schwifty.

What makes Rick Sanchez, Rick Sanchez?

It isn’t often that Rick greatly involves or concerns himself with everyday human drama, but when he does, he’s really got something solid to say. May it be life advice, putting things in perspective, giving someone a reality check or casually dropping satirical knowledge bombs, Rick Sanchez outwits and outsmarts protagonists of all shapes and sizes.

We have taken the liberty to briefly jot down and explain 7 of the greatest rants by Rick Sanchez for your entertainment.

Initiate Countdown Sequence

#7 Season 1 Episode 6: Rick Potion #9

Rick gives his grandson Morty some advice on love. He breaks it down as a bodily reaction that leads to breeding of animals and is a short lived feeling. He says that he has fallen prey to it, and so have Morty’s parents, and asks Morty to break the cycle and spend his time on science instead.

#6 Season 1 Episode 10: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

Rick serves it up to the Council of Ricks and every other Rick present at the council. He shames their dumb alliance and declares that he’s smarter and more himself than any of his other versions, although they’re all the same.

Rick puts the icing on the cake by dismissing them all and saying he’s got better matters to attend to like eating pancakes than waste his time amidst the council of stupidity.

#5 Season 1 Episode 9: Something Ricked this way comes

Rick asks Morty if evil exists and if there is a way to detect and measure it. As Morty begins to answer, he says that the question was rhetorical and says that evil does exist, and one just has to be a genius to know of it.

He then mentions that the microscope gifted by Summer’s boss to him would have made him retarded. Rick and Morty have a short debate on how the word retarded has been made inappropriate to use, and how that in itself is retarded.

#4 Season 2 Episode 1: A Rickle in time

After Morty and Summer screw up the whole frame of time, Rick attempts to fix things by avoiding any more uncertainty.

He begins to do this by sitting the brother and sister down and letting them know how much of a pain they are in his ass and that they’re both pieces of shit as far as he is concerned, and he can prove it mathematically.

#3 Season 2 Episode 6: The Ricks must be crazy

As Rick and Morty chase the alien genius as he heads to destroy the microverse, Rick pulls off a classic gag on Morty by saying that he had implanted a nanochip inside Morty a long time ago which can enable him to turn into a car. Right when Morty falls for the gag and tries to turn into a car, Rick manages to grab them both a taxi.

(This is followed by the continuation of rant #4, where Rick grabs his white board and proceeds to mathematically prove that Morty and Summer are both pieces of shit.)

#2 Season 2 Episode 9: Look who’s Purging Now

After having lost their space ship and being shot in the liver by Morty’s short-lived love interest turned deceiver, Rick complains about how his liver is the most hardworking liver in the universe, considering he’s an alcoholic.

#1 Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

These are the last few minutes before the end of the very first episode of "Rick and Morty," where Rick talks to a disabled and tormented Morty about all the adventures they are going to have and that Morty has no choice but to participate in them, thus giving birth to the series that has grown so close to our hearts.