Last year was notably one of the worst years for many all over the world. Astrologers blamed Mercury in Retrograde for the most unfortunate events during 2016. This year doesn't seems to be doing much better. Saturn will be in Retrograde for most of the year. From April 6 until August 25, Saturn will be moving in a retrograde motion, causing somewhat of a karmic rollercoaster for many. Karma will be dished out on a golden platter for some and served ice cold for others, depending on one's personal behavior in the past. The next few months will be crammed with both euphoric ups and depressing downs.

What is the meaning of Saturn in Retrograde?

If one has been feeling a lack of motivation recently, blame Saturn. The Lord of Karma traveling backwards is primarily responsible for having issues with self-discipline and avoiding responsibilities. This retrograde highlights the aspects of one's life, personality traits, or behaviors that desperately need help. Think of this period as a sort of character development phase. The nature of Saturn is discipline, responsibility, respect, stability, and reliability. It is important to learn from the lessons of this retrograde to avoid having to go through these struggles again. This is a time to develop strength during hardships and to take responsibility for one's own actions.

Depression, loneliness, fatigue, and lack of motivation are all signs of Saturn in retrograde. It is highlighting all the things that have been preventing productivity and success. When the retrograde reaches its final phase, one should be able to feel motivated and productive, leading to success and recognition.

Saturn in Retrograde 2017

Not only is Saturn in retrograde, but Venus is too. There are some very difficult lessons to be learned in Venus square Saturn. With Venus and Saturn working in unison to dish out karma until the autumn months, love and money will be the main focus. Distancing oneself in a relationship, harboring negative feeling, and a lack of intimacy are some of the symptoms of this year's retrograde.

Money will be very tight and relationships may be strained. It is not uncommon to feel isolated and alone. Old wounds may be reopened, allowing guilt to set in. When Saturn stations direct on August 25, one will be able to apply the lessons learned. Old wounds will begin to scab over, and a period of healing will begin. Optimism will set in, allowing for progress to finally be made and recognition earned.