According to a witches group on Facebook, witches all around the world are coming together on February 24, 2017 to cast what will be the largest group spell in history. The purpose of the spell is to bind the newly elected president from causing harm to others. This massive call to witches worldwide has gone viral among witch groups. All practitioners, occasional and advanced, are encouraged to join the event. This is meant to be a summoning of energy from everyone who wishes to keep Trump from doing more damage than he has already done. The ritual should be performed at midnight on a night of a waning crescent moon every month until Trump leaves office.

The dates are as follows: February 24th, March 26th, April 24th, May 23rd, and June 21st (which is an even more powerful night for witches since it is also the summer solstice).

The goal behind the spell

Since Donald Trump took office only a few short weeks ago, he has set his eyes on targeting government agencies responsible for the conservation and preservation of the nation's natural resources. He signed a slew of executive orders during his first week as acting president that have proven to be crippling for these departments. All government grants and federal funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been frozen. Just before that, Trump signed an executive order banning the EPA from all social media, essentially gagging them.

Scott Pruitt, avid climate change denier and enemy of the EPA, has since been given the position to lead the EPA. The National Parks Service (NPS) has also come under fire from the Trump administration. They, too, were barred from social media. Their official account has shut down after the Badlands National Park refused to stop tweeting about climate change.

With these preliminary actions against the environment taking place, witches across the world have grown worried. In an attempt to stop Trump from potentially causing serious, irreversible damage to the planet, they have decided to band together.

Endangered species

The Endangered Species Act has become a popular target for republicans since Trump has taken office.

Attempts to weaken the protections that the Act offers have passed in the House and are now being voted on in the majority republican Senate. There is even a movement to completely abolish the Endangered Species Act, a bill that has saved thousands of species that were on the brink of extinction since 1973. With nature being a primary sources of magic for many witches around the globe, this historical spell casting event is an act of preservation. There's no way to know for sure if this massive binding spell will work, but it will certainly get the attention of Republicans who seek money and power over conservation.