It looks as though winter has finally made it to the capital. Ned Stark would be very proud. Three bars have been transformed into parts of the Seven Realms based on George R. R. Martin's book series and HBO's hugely popular television show "Game of Thrones." This pop-up bar opened its door on June 21 and will remain open only until August 27. Derek Brown and Angie Fetherston from Drink Company transformed Mockingbird Hill, Southern Efficiency, and Eat the Rich into four different locations from the hit television series. The cocktail menu features drinks inspired by the show including "What is Dead May Never Die" and "The Lannisters Send Their Regards." There is even an Iron Throne that you can sit on without having to assassinate anyone.

Take a tour

Washington, D.C. is a place brimming with attractions that bring tourists from all over the world. With an addition like this "Game of Thrones" pop-up bar, visitors will have even more to put into their schedules this summer. Patrons will first enter through the Red Keep, previously known as Eat the Rich. This section of the tour displays the castle at King's Landing where Queen Cersei famously resides. The walls are done in grey stone and decorated with house banners including the Starks, Lannisters, House Baratheon, the Greyjoys, and many more. At the back of the bar, guests can take a seat on the Iron Throne, although there will most likely be a long line. Next is the Hall of Faces.

This section of the bar was inspired by Arya's troubling journey into the House of the Many Faced God. The faces displayed in the room are those of staff and community members who volunteered to have their faces cast in plaster. Mockingbird Hill features the famous red weirwood tree where Catelyn Stark prayed in season one.

The last portion hosts the City of Mereen and showcases Daenerys' famous dragons. One of the dragon sculptures even blows smoke!

The menu

This would not be a "Game of Thrones" bar if the menu didn't match. There are multiple cocktails inspired by the show. A drink called "Shame" is served along with a good shaming and ringing of a bell.

The "Dothraquiri" is a fun mixture of Cotton & Reed dry white rum, Jamaican rum, Banane Du Bresil, Creme De Cacao, cane sugar and fresh lime. The "Lady Mormont" drink is made of passion fruit and honey with gin and served inside a bear-shaped glass. For patrons who prefer beer, Ommegang Brewery's Bend the Knee -- which has been dubbed the official "Game of Thrones" beer -- is available on tap. This attraction is located at 1839-1843 7th Street NW in D.C. and is open until 12:30am during the week and 1:30am on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays the bar closes at 7:00pm so that patrons and staff can go watch the current episode of "Game of Thrones." This is something that fans simply cannot miss.