Abby Lee Miller is now ready to lose weight and slim down after quitting “Dance Moms.” She recently underwent a gastric sleeve surgery that removes 80 percent of her stomach. In comparison, her stomach goes from a size of a football to a petite banana.

In an interview with ET Online, Miller revealed that if she was trying to be vegetarian, the producers would hand her a hoagie sandwich or an Italian sub just to keep her on a plus size. She admitted that does not like what she sees on television. Just like anyone else, she wants to look better.

After her recovery from surgery which was performed by Dr.

Michael Russo at the Smart Dimensions Surgical Center, she expects that it will make the mothers more jealous. However, fans wonder the timing of the medical procedure as she is facing prison time. Miller believes that this is the right time and that whatever happens, she will be a bit healthier.

Is being overweight the reason why Miller quit from “Dance Moms?”

In March, the popular television personality announced her resignation from the dance show in her Instagram. Her rant included that for the past six years, or equivalent to seven seasons, she has asked, begged and demanded creative credit for the ideas, routines, themes and costuming that have won awards.

Miller said that she does not have any problem with the children in the show.

As she loves all her students, she has dedicated her life to making them successful.

She revealed that her issue is being manipulated, disrespected and used. Now, with the latest news on “Dance Moms” producers keeping her overweight, viewers cannot help but speculate that her recent revelation might just be one of the problems.

What is the future of the reality dance show?

After quitting “Dance Moms,” Lifetime announced that professional dancer Cheryl Burke will replace Miller who is all facing a bankruptcy fraud case. She is indicted on 20 counts of fraud after failing to claim $755,000 in income when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. She now faces 30 months in jail or probation.

Miller admits that she has not heard from Lifetime network since she left. For her fans, it would be good news to note that she is open to returning to “Dance Moms” if things will be different. She would demand a sense of respect and creative credit. Miller could also do other Reality television shows such as her journey about her weight loss.