A major part of the jokes that the "Supernatural" fandom does, is about the excessive amount of layers the actors are always wearing on set. If you encounter at any scene that the Winchesters are wearing only one layer of clothing, or Castiel has taken off his coat, it is practically equivalent to them being naked. After careful consideration, very selective choices, and drooling all over the keyboard (I am kidding, or am I?), here are the top five best shirtless moments on the TV Show "Supernatural".

5. Castiel finally washed that trench coat

In any other TV Show this entry would have not even classified the top 50; however, in the case of "Supernatural" and Castiel to be more precise, this was the first time he actually took his trench coat off.

To be honest, we love and adore that classic trench coat, but Castiel without it is not bad either.

4. Sam does a "check-up"

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute forget the fruit! Putting the puns away, when Sam had it really going on with the doctor (she was a suspect for the mermaid, but it turned out to be the FBI officer, who would have anticipated that plot twist?!), we had a chance to see those biceps of steel.

3. Dean has a moment in the shower

This was during the very anxious season 10 (when Dean was turning evil and all), so a shower would be the obvious choice to relax Dean, and the audience as well. The moment was filled with drama, emotions, and most of the fandom were simply staring in amazement for those brief seconds.

2. Sam wrapped in a towel

At first it stared as an episode focused on pranks (oh how we miss those moments!), and then after the pranks escalated drastically, we got to see Sam Winchester for a few seconds, wrapped in a towel around his waist, all gorgeous and bursting with muscles like a handsome bubble (what a metaphor)!

And for some honorable mentions we will include all other teases the characters have given us throughout the seasons, that did not quite make the cut.

We have not mentioned any of the actual sex scenes, because we are saving that for another list.

1. The workout of the year

Are we all going to ignore the fact that the hooker forgot to pick up her payment after spending the night with soulless Sam? For almost a minute we witnessed (rather stood in amazement with our jaws dropped) a very productive workout. We always kinda knew that all that monster-fighting, grave-digging, and bad guys chasing, could not be done without being ripped (Sammy's salads seem to be working just fine).