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'Dragon Ball Super': The return of android 17

The summary of the next episode showed us the appearance of a character expected by many.
The episode 76 of "Dragon Ball Super" was released a few moments ago and this episode focused on the internal growth of Goku and Krilin in a training imposed by the master Roshi, which served to...
29 January 2017 -
G. San

White House allegedly sitting on draft order which could deport legal immigrants

Trump’s draft executive order seems to target immigrants living on public assistance.
The Trump presidency is getting off to a heck of a rocky start, to say the least, and there are no signs of it smoothing out anytime soon. The new “resistance” movement is as close on Donald Trump...
31 January 2017 -
S. Oliver

Countries ban disabled people from immigrating

During a time when progressives worldwide are fighting bans on Muslims,many progressive countries ban the disabled
Immigration bans are becoming a hot button issue with President Trump's new order. Many other right-wing governments in other countries are considering similar laws, including post-Brexit Britain....
29 January 2017 -
M. Stafford
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  • Emmett Till’s accuser confessed he was innocent

    Carolyn Bryant admits to telling a lie that led to murder and national outrage.
    It was all a lie. A 14-year-old African-American boy from Chicago named Emmett Till was brutally beaten to death in Klan infested Money, Mississippi in 1955 because of a lie. It was a lie which was...
    27 January 2017
    S. Oliver
  • Trump's planned visit to Britain puts Queen Elizabeth in an awkward position

    A petition has over 1.6 million signatures for President Trump not to go on a state visit so soon after being elected.
    It has been reported by several sources that President Donald Trump's planned visit to Britain puts Queen Elizabeth in an awkward position. First of all, the 90-year-old ruler normally does not meet...
    1 February 2017
    M. Minnicks
  • Liberals switching to Lyft to protest Uber should use neither

    Uber's apparent attempt to profit off NYC Taxi driver strike has caused liberals to use another non-progressive company
    With news that Uber was allegedly trying to cash in on New York City's taxi driver strike following Donald Trump's immigration ban by turning off surge prices, many liberals are switching to rival...
    30 January 2017
    M. Stafford
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  • Donald Trump signs executive order to build wall

    Federal officials prepare to expand US-Mexico border wall and prison sentences for illegal re-entry.
    Donald Trump's governing orders will start to overhaul the US immigration enforcement management that he promised during his campaign. In 2006, President George W. Bush signed the "Secure Fence Act"...
    25 January 2017
    j. Williams
  • Uber boycott trends on Twitter

    Amid nationwide protests against the President's immigration actions, calls are made to boycott the popular transportation app.
    The popular transportation company Uber has faced a negative backlash online following its attempt to conduct business during a taxi strike at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York. Uber faces...
    29 January 2017
    Q. Ascah
  • What repealing Obamacare and a federal hiring freeze means to U.S. veterans

    Two of President Trump’s decisions could hurt military vets tremendously.
    Although it may not be perfect, millions of Americans, including veterans, depend upon Obamacare for their healthcare coverage. If repealed, the already strained, underfunded Veterans Administration...
    26 January 2017
    S. Oliver
  • Steve Bannon scolds the media, telling them they have no power

    White House strategist delivers threatening message to the American press.
    Chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon, has kept largely quiet since leaving Breitbart News to join the ranks of the Trump “camp,” much to the suspicion of many. Given his questionable...
    26 January 2017
    S. Oliver
  • Sean Spicer claims detaining small children 'will help keep America safe'

    Donald Trump's spokesman, Sean Spicer, claimed at a press conference that it is necessary to detain children in order to keep America safe.
    Donald Trump's spokesman (Sean Spicer) made waves on Monday, January 30 when he claimed that detaining small children and keeping them away from their parents is necessary and will help "keep America...
    30 January 2017
    C. Williams
  • Katherine Jackson accuses nephew of abusing her in court documents

    Michael and Janet’s mom has obtained a restraining order against family member.
    According to legal documents obtained by The Wrap, Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson is alleging ongoing elderly abuse at the hands of her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson. The 86-year-old mother...
    9 February 2017
    S. Oliver
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