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Donald Trump rips Elizabeth Warren in wild rant as an 'insult to Pocahontas'

Donald Trump was triggered into a rant against Elizabeth Warren due to the senator's recent criticism of the president's health care bill.
It's no secret that Donald Trump has never been shy about voicing his opinion about any of his political critics. For Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the president doesn't look to be slowing down...
25 June 2017 -
R. Sobel

Kellyanne Conway gets into shouting match on CNN for avoiding Russian scandal

Kellyanne Conway got into a heated exchange on CNN after failing to give a straight answer on the latest Russian scandal.
It's become commonplace for Donald Trump to express his disdain for the mainstream media, which as only expanded to included members of his administration. As the scandal involving Russia heats up,...
23 June 2017 -
R. Sobel

Donald Trump admin rips 'sad' Johnny Depp for joke about killing the president

After Johnny Depp joked about Donald Trump being assassinated, the White House was quick to respond.
On Thursday night during a movie premier in England, actor Johnny Depp made controversial remarks about assassinating Donald Trump. In response, the president's White House and Secret Service have...
23 June 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • Ann Coulter loses it over Trumpcare forcing her to pay for transgender surgeries

    Ann Coulter is not happy with Donald Trump's health care plan in the Senate, blaming the new bill for forcing her to pay for transgender operations.
    Earlier this week, Senate Republicans finally made their version of Donald Trump's health care bill public. While it was expected that Democrats and liberals would quickly oppose the bill, many on the...
    23 June 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Donald Trump secretly wants to resign from presidency, suggests new report

    President would like to leave office? New report's final paragraph sparks chatter that he knows he's not cut out for the job.
    A series of reports have touched on Donald Trump's perceived dislike over being the U.S. president and the demands it puts on him. Trump has never come out and said he hates the role he's taken on,...
    19 June 2017
    H. Tooley
  • Donald Trump could win 2020 presidential election, here's why

    A former presidential advisor said Trump has high chance of winning a re-election in next election.
    The recent victories of the Republicans in two special congressional elections held this week should give the Democrats a heads-up of what could possibly take place in the 2020 Presidential Election....
    22 June 2017
    D. T.
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  • Has anyone ever told Donald Trump the legal consequences of treason?

    Amidst hearings about the 45th’s possible Russian ties and talk of impeachment and treason alike, what are the consequences if he is found guilty?
    From only allowing Russian press to be in a meeting with the Russian Ambassador, (as opposed to American press) to Trump’s legal team winning a Russia law firm of the year award, to firing FBI...
    1 June 2017
    G. Waxtein
  • Will Donald Trump Survive the Year?

    With all of the scandals and controversy that have already occurred, it’s very debatable if Donald Trump will still be President by the end of 2017.
    Donald Trump’s presidency has so far been tumultuous, to say the least. Most people expected his presidency to be eventful even before he took office, but I don’t think anyone expected this kind...
    30 May 2017
    J. Kotroczo
  • Donald Trump rips 'fake news' in Twitter tirade over GOP Rep. attacking reporter

    Donald Trump made his return to social media and didn't hold back his thoughts in his war with the media.
    Following his week-long foreign trip, Donald Trump has returned to social media and decided to highlight a controversial topic. After the president appeared to defend a Republican candidate who...
    28 May 2017
    R. Sobel
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