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Ivanka Trump receives massive backlash after tweeting about Pope Francis

After Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to describe her meeting with Pope Francis, it didn't take long before she was hit with criticism.
On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump and members of his family traveled to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. Following the meeting, Ivanka Trump decided to tweet out her thoughts, but was met with...
24 May 2017 -
R. Sobel

Kellyanne Conway lectures teens in tweet after Manchester attack, Twitter erupts

After Kellyanne Conway tweeted about the attack in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert, Twitter users accused her of lecturing teenagers.
Following the news that an explosion occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, reactions poured in from around the world. Back in the United States, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne...
22 May 2017 -
R. Sobel

Donald Trump exhausted? Concerns spark over his stamina on foreign trip

Is the president having issues with stamina on his first foreign trip? A few mistakes are suggesting he might be burning out.
Is Donald Trump exhausted from his first foreign trip as president? A new report suggests that the 70-year-old president may have reached his limit overseas after a gaffe in one of his speeches in...
23 May 2017 -
H. Tooley
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