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WikiLeaks turns on Donald Trump, publicly threatens to release tax returns, details leaked

Donald Trump praised WikiLeaks for their release of Hillary Clinton campaign emails, but he might change his mind when it comes to his tax returns.
One of the biggest mysteries during the 2016 presidential campaign was whether or not Donald Trump would ever release his tax returns. Just two days after being sworn into office as the new president,...
22 January 2017 -
R. Sobel

Donald Trump awkwardly kisses Kellyanne Conway, calls her 'baby at inauguration dinner

Donald Trump praised Kellyanne Conway during the inauguration eve dinner, but it got a bit uncomfortable for some.
On the eve of his Inauguration Day celebration, Donald Trump, his transition team, cabinet, family and many others gathered together for a candlelight dinner at Union Station. While Trump gave his...
19 January 2017 -
R. Sobel

Bill Maher completely embarrasses Donald Trump on Inauguration Day return to HBO

Bill Maher returned for the 15th season of "Real Time," and didn't hold back when it came to Donald Trump.
Ever since Donald Trump shocked the world and defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new President of the United States, his critics have been dreading the day where it became offical. After Trump was...
20 January 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • Obama protects Native American site while Trump team threatens to abolish

    President Obama designates sacred Native American lands as a national historic monument.
    President-elect Donald Trump made many campaign promises to undo President Obama's social reforms, such as threatening to repeal the Patients Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Trump also promised...
    29 December 2016
    M. Barkhausen
  • King Donald, or Donald the Dunce: which did we get?

    President-elect Trump will be judged more harshly than those who came before him because of how he got there.
    President-elect Donald Trump keeps surprising people. There is no way anyone will ever convince me Hillary Clinton did not think she would win. Trump cast her aside like a worn out relic of the...
    26 December 2016
    B. Whitley
  • Jimmy Carter: only former President attending Trump inaugural

    Scuffle between Trump and Bill Clinton still unresolved; 'angry white men' issue.
    Former President Jimmy Carter, 92, is the only former president who has confirmed that he will be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump, who is hoping to start an arms race with Vladimir Putin...
    25 December 2016
    K. Mcclarty
  • Trump clashes with Obama over Israeli settlement vote

    Over the weekend, Trump strongly condemned Obama not vetoing UN vote with this to say...
    Before leaving office, Obama has once again put the knife in Israels back. Last week, Obama betrayed Israel over the settlement vote at the UN. The US has always vetoed any vote that condemns Israel...
    26 December 2016
    J. Ledbetter
  • Donald Trump fails miserably after spelling error in Twitter attack on NBC News

    Donald Trump attempted to hit back at NBC News over their recent reporting, but got caught up in another spelling mistake.
    It's become commonplace for Donald Trump to air his grievances on social media. Known for his almost daily Twitter rants, the president-elect has also been known to tweet a bit too quickly, and...
    24 December 2016
    R. Sobel
  • Michael Moore reveals his offical Donald Trump protest Christmas wish

    Michael Moore continues to voice his opposition to Donald Trump, and made sure to include his criticism in his wish for Christmas.
    In less than a month, Donald Trump will officially be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. While Trump supporters are thrilled, millions of Americans around the country are still...
    24 December 2016
    R. Sobel
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