Leaders of the world will converge on Glasgow to attend the United Nations COP26 Climate conference. Before that happens, the Environment Agency has sounded a caution. It makes no bones about the fact that the world can no longer ignore climate change. This is because it would contribute to more floods, droughts, and rising sea levels.

Moreover, it would be necessary to revamp the water supply system since the water demand would increase. The government agency warns it is important to become resilient to the inevitable effects of climate change.

This is as important as cutting down on actions related to greenhouse gas emissions. One option to do this is to promote renewable energy and bid goodbye to fossil fuels.

Emma Howard Boyd, chairwoman of the agency, said it is a case of "adapt or die." In her words, Germany faced floods this summer. England might face a similar situation if it does not assign priority to the impending climate emergency. US President Joe Biden wants electric cars to replace the existing fleet of government-owned vehicles. By his action, the President of the United States has set an example that other governments could follow.

Climate change would worsen the water environment in England

The agency is very clear in its concept.

It says it would be difficult to protect people from the increasing risk of floods. Traditional flood defenses that exist might not be able to tackle extreme weather events.

It is not easy for the world to adapt to the fast-changing scenario of climate that means hotter, drier summers, rising sea levels, etcetera. Moreover, climate change would increase incidents of floods, water shortages, and pollution.

Recently, Prince William, Sir David Attenborough, and Shakira agreed to spread a message about the climate.

The climate crisis is global

Emma Howard Boyd sounds a note of caution. Her words are: "The climate crisis is global, but its impacts are in your village, your shop, your home." In her opinion, any action to adapt to the change must involve government, businesses, and communities.

It has to be a combined effort. The bottom line is to adapt and prepare for climate shocks.

Such an action will save millions of lives. Climate change could lead to irreparable ecological ruin unless checked in time. Instances of typhoons and flash floods coupled with forest fires are on the rise. These take a heavy toll on lives and properties and displace people from their homes. The melting of icebergs and glaciers reveals another side of global warming.

These have a direct effect on the wildlife like polar bears and penguins in the region. One option to beat climate change is to reduce greenhouse gases. This can be done if the world decides to ban the use of fossil fuels because these are responsible for producing harmful gases.

Sea level rise linked to climate change

Climate change could translate into irregular river flows while the number of wet days will become more intense. The Environment Agency has its focus on restoring and creating peatlands, wetlands, and other habitats. These would benefit the wildlife apart from reducing the risk of floods. Moreover, it would help maintain the ecological balance by boosting access to green spaces.