The world is gradually waking up to the realities of climate change. A group of 23 diplomats, including former foreign ministers, have warned that climate change threatens our survival. They have also said there is an urgent need to check the trend in order to save our planet from ecological ruin. This elite group views the ongoing destruction of nature as the beginning of something irreversible.

They have drawn attention to the rapidly warming oceans and want governments to work out a strategy to arrest the threats on the lines of the Paris agreement.

In their opinion, there should be emphasis on the “excessive exploitation.” Another aspect is the degradation of the ecosystem. This, if allowed to continue, could harm the future generation.

The Guardian mentions about the UN meeting next week in Rome. It was to have been in Kunming, China, but will now be in the Italian capital in view of the coronavirus outbreak at the original venue. On this occasion, governments will have to decide on the proposals to check and reverse biodiversity loss. It will mean extending protection to nearly a third of the world’s oceans and land.

Reduction of pollution from plastic waste will be one of the subjects on the agenda.

Climate change can come from a modified way of life

A statement released through non-profit thinktank Aspen Institute says – “We must rise above politics and ideology to unite the global community around the urgent cause of protecting our planet and way of life.”

There will be a focus on the marine environment because it covers nearly 70 percent of our planet.

It is the source of oxygen and protein. The world has to rise as one to protect the oceans and ensure their health and productivity. These translate into the wellbeing of the global community and can become a reality if people accept a modified way of life.

The Guardian goes on to add that the UN’s new biodiversity chief wants world leaders to arrive at an agreement.

They have to save wildlife and protect life-supporting ecosystems from the dangers of climate change. If these do not happen, it would mean the extinction of humanity. The relevant points are the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, plastic pollution etcetera. If the world is unable to implement such measures, it would mean surrender to the inevitable. In short – “we’ll have given up as an international community to save the planet.” That is what the acting executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity has said to a section of the media. She has added - “I hope that’s not where any of us would want to be.”

Jeff Bezos announces a $10 billion to fight climate change

According to CNBC, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced the launch of the Bezos Earth Fund of $10 billion.

He plans to use it to tackle the effects of climate change. It will help those who want to “preserve and protect the natural world.”

They would include scientists, activists, and other organizations who want to save the world from the ill effects of climate change like the melting of glaciers. He is aware that it will mean collective action from different agencies. Even though President Donald Trump withdrew from the landmark Paris climate accord, Jeff Bezos plans to use electric vans for delivering packages to customers in 2021. He wants to switch over to only this mode of transport by 2030. He believes pursuing Renewable Energy is a worthwhile solution.

The world has to take climate change seriously

Bushfires, sea-level rise, hurricanes, and melting glaciers are issues that plague the world today. These are examples of some of the threats of climate change that we have to address. Inadequate rainfall leads to drought conditions and excess rainfall means floods. Both can be disastrous to our lives. It is, therefore, important to protect the environment. Then only can we ensure our survival on the planet and leave behind a safe world for our future generation.