During an interview to a news channel before the inaugural Earthshot Prize, Prince William digs at some Celebrities who have joined the space race. He feels such a race shifts the focus from addressing climate change on Earth. In his words, the priority of some of the world's greatest brains appears to be busy with non-essentials. They should devote their time and energy to repair this planet.

The comments of Prince William came against the backdrop of Star Trek actor 90-year-old William Shatner blasting off into space in a Blue Origin rocket. He became the oldest person to reach space, and the credit for this goes to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

He is a billionaire like Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk. All of them have developed their own space programs. Prince William is worried about the misplaced priorities of those who have funds that they could use to tackle climate change. That would be more beneficial to the world rather than trying to find "the next place to go and live." Prince William, Sir David Attenborough, and Shakira would spread a message about climate.

William feels there has to be clarity on global warming

On COP26, Prince William says: "We can't have more clever speak, clever words but not enough action." He feels leaders must have clarity on the subject of finding solutions to global warming. The Royal family has always taken up issues related to the environment.

The Duke of Edinburgh was involved with the World Wildlife Fund on activities about nature and biodiversity. Prince Charles realized the importance of climate change and associated dangers much before others. It runs in the family, and the Earthshot Prize is the brainchild of William. It intends to involve the world in coming up with solutions that would benefit society.

Sky News quotes him saying it "shouldn't be that there's a third-generation now coming along having to ramp it up even more." Prince William announced the inaugural Earthshot Prize Awards in London. The aim is to find solutions to climate change, and the incentive is handsome cash awards.

For Prince William, climate change is more important than space tourism

Prince William is concerned about a rise in climate anxiety among young people. He heaped criticism on billionaires who care more about space tourism than critical global issues like climate change. He does not want to visualize a future scenario where climate change continues to dictate terms to the world. It is for the present generation to evolve solutions because the young people feel their futures are constantly threatened. The Prince said caring for the environment, biodiversity, and climate change runs in the royal family and quoted examples of his father and grandfather.

The ambitious Earthshot Prize of Prince William

William wants children to grow up enjoying the outdoor life, nature, and the environment. His ambitious Earthshot Prize is an effort to create action. The monetary initiative will help discover solutions to the problems that the planet faces. There will be five categories this year, and each winner will get a handsome amount to develop the individual projects. That will act as a trigger to mobilize the thought process of the people. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the star-studded ceremony at Alexandra Palace in London on Sunday. Clara Amfo and Dermot O'Leary will host the event. The COP26 begins in Glasgow on October 31. This is the venue where world leaders will meet and draw up strategies to tackle climate change.