Climate change is a worry for Prince William. He wants the people to emphasize it and concentrate on a decade of change for the planet. His message to TV viewers is "There's no time to waste." He has with him environmentalist Sir David Attenborough and singer Shakira. They have plans to present a docuseries on the Earth shot Prize announced by Prince William. It will be in five parts and will encompass the most significant environmental challenges that the world faces. The series will also explore solutions to overcome these challenges.

In the first episode, William says: "This is a moment for hope, not fear." He adds that it is not difficult to achieve a sustainable future.

It is up to us to grasp it. Humans have the power to prove their mettle in anything they want. Right now, they have to assign priority for a decade of action to repair our planet. They have to bear in mind that time is at a premium, and every moment is precious. In June, Prince William had announced the inaugural Earthshot Prize Awards in London.

The Earthshot Prize and plans of Prince William

Prince William outlined his plans for the Earthshot Prize. It would be an annual affair until 2030 and carry with it an attractive monetary benefit. There will be five prizes. The intention is to encourage those who can think out of the box and contribute to improving our planet's condition. There is a time frame of a decade to turn the tide.

The broad objective is to protect the environment and undo all that we have done to deprive mankind of a chance to coexist with nature. One of the topics will be to arrest the shrinking of the wild to ensure that it continues to thrive. Sir David Attenborough and Shakira are members of the Global Prize Council. Others are former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and football star Dani Alves.

Sir David is hopeful of a positive outcome. In his words: "Just imagine what might be possible."

William names 15 finalists from across the globe

There is an awareness about the deteriorating condition of the environment. Leaders meet at regular intervals on global platforms to evolve strategies. Global warming is always on the agenda because of the increase in incidents of forest fires, flash floods, sea-level rise, etcetera.

These lead to the loss of properties and lives. Experts suggest a change in thinking, rid the dependence on fossil fuels, and switch to renewable energy. Hello Magazine adds that Prince William has entered the scene. Sir David Attenborough is with him. The task ahead is to prevent global warming and clean the environment so that fresh unpolluted air is abundant. It is also necessary to revive our oceans and strive for a waste-free world. One method is to use the waste of one process as the raw materials of the next. Prince William has named 15 finalists from across the globe earlier this month, and the inaugural Earthshot Prize ceremony will be in London.

Sir David Attenborough and Prince William will appear on Discovery plus channel

The issue of climate change will get a Royal touch. Prince William and naturalist Sir David Attenborough will appear on TV to talk to the people on how to improve the health of our planet. The platform they have chosen is the Discovery Plus channel, and their topic will be "The Eartshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet." It will be a five-pronged attack to restore the balance of nature. The series will launch globally on the channel in early October. It will be ahead of the prize distribution ceremony in mid-October and will highlight the 15 finalists and their work to save the planet.