New Zealand is facing a crisis of sorts as heavy rainfall has led to floods. Hundreds of New Zealanders had to leave their homes in the aftermath of a situation that comes once in 100 years. Rains are a necessary evil, but when they exceed the limit, the situation becomes intolerable. Excessive rainfall leads to floods that hampers access to many places and leaves residents isolated. The province of Canterbury in South Island was the worst hit, and the authorities had to arrange for the evacuation of at least 300 homes overnight. Sky News reports several schools and offices had to down their shutters.

There was a state of emergency declared in the region. It was an extension of similar declarations on Sunday in nearby areas. In February 2020, floods in New Zealand left hundreds of tourists stranded. Such incidents spoil the mood of those who had come to enjoy a holiday.

Roads closed, and bridges collapsed due to floods

Ashburton is located about 50 miles southwest of Christchurch. Here there was the closure of many roads while several bridges either collapsed or were washed away by the floodwaters. This meant difficulties in Travel and damages to the infrastructure. Sky News mentions the town's mayor. He is Neil Brown, and he cautioned through a social media platform that the river was running at speed much greater than normal.

He even told a media outlet that there might be large-scale evacuation if the situation deteriorates. His words were - "We really need it to stop raining to let those rivers drop." In August 2018, flash floods in the East Coast of America resulted in the evacuation of residents and travel hurdles due to closed roads. Floods can happen anywhere in the world, and the after-effects are similar.

Life in disarray due to the floods

The rains and floods in New Zealand threw lives in disarray. In such cases, the floodwaters submerge the land and damage low-lying areas. At times, the force of the rushing water can uproot electric poles and disturb the supply of electricity. The Royal NZ Air Force deployed helicopters to rescue those trapped in the flooding.

One of them was a man who sought shelter on top of a tree. The other was of an elderly couple stranded on top of their car. The authorities cautioned people about the probable contamination of water. People faced problems in moving from one place to another because of the closure of roads. Sky News adds about activating the flood warning system because of rising levels of water coupled with the possibility of heavy rains in Canterbury. The government announced a relief fund to support the flood-affected people of Canterbury. In May 2019, a news report said the UK realized the link between global warming and floods and was drawing up plans to tackle it.

Incessant rains in New Zealand end up in floods

According to 7News AU, New Zealand's South Island is battling with rainfall of up to 400 mm (15.7 inches) in certain areas. It is a natural disaster and caused rivers to burst, leading to the evacuation of people on a large scale. There is a likelihood of more rain of up to 100 mm (4 inches). The meteorological service says: "The rain is expected to cause dangerous river conditions and significant flooding." Rivers are in spate, and mass evacuations continue to ensure the safety of the people. The authorities have assessed the situation and have drawn up contingency plans to cater to a worst-case scenario. Ashburton is a town with a population of 35,000 – in case the Ashburton River breaks its banks, it would mean a major exercise in evacuation.

Some residents have started moving out on their own because of fears of flooded rivers breaking the banks. They do not want to wait till the last moment. The New Zealand Defense Force has sent soldiers, trucks, and medical equipment to extend assistance to local authorities.