Ever since Coronavirus surfaced, North Korea has taken precautions to ensure the safety of its people. The country shares a long border with its neighbor China and the virus originated in that country. Therefore, one of the first things North Korea did was to close its border to prevent coronavirus entry. That hurts the economy because China is its main trade partner, which led to a business reduction. That was last year.

Mirror UK reports that Kim Jong-un has now issued orders to remove cats and pigeons from the scene. He believes these animals and birds are bringing the deadly virus across the border from China.

His fear is that they would spread the COVID-19 virus, and he wants to ensure that does not happen. As a result, the authorities in towns and cities along the border are shooting down the birds. They are also on the lookout for the felines and their owners, who are reluctant to part with them. It seems a family near the border was sent to an isolation facility for 20 days. It was a sort of punishment for raising a cat.

Tough stand of North Korea on coronavirus

The hermit kingdom issued an order to “catch and eliminate pigeons and cats.” It was an exercise to arrest the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this month, Kim Jong-un had reportedly imposed a ban on medicines of Chinese origin at major hospitals in the country.

It came following the death of an official. Mirror UK says the person, a bureaucrat, was in his 60s. He had a heart-related ailment and was close to the leader. North Korea claims to have no confirmed case of coronavirus. It is a highly secretive state, and it is difficult to confirm the actual situation. Anyway, the country is promoting domestic medicines since it does not have access to foreign treatments.

This is an effect of sanctions imposed by the United Nations because of its nuclear ambitions. Kim Jong-un has been trying to get relief from sanctions and held meetings with former U.S. President Donald Trump. However, his insistence on retaining nuclear weapons is a stumbling block.

North Korea wants to preserve its own lifestyle

Kim Jong-un has outlawed dresses like skinny jeans and mullets. He intends to preserve the culture of the country and prevent encroachment of capitalistic lifestyle. In his opinion, those who embrace such fashions should be in labor camps. Mirror UK quotes a local newspaper saying that the eccentric haircuts and tight trousers could ruin the country. The newspaper said that despite its economic and defense power, the country could become vulnerable if the people do not retain their own lifestyle. Recently the authorities executed a person in public for the illegal sale of music and films. Recently, shortage of food and lack of medical aid forced foreign diplomats to leave North Korea.

Officials of the North shoot pigeons to stop the possible spread of COVID-19

According to Express UK, Kim Jong-un believes animals are carrying the pathogen across the border from China. Hence, there is a need to eradicate pigeons and street cats. The hermit state has issued necessary orders to eliminate possible sources that could spread COVID-19. There is also a ban imposed on Chinese medicines at major hospitals in the capital Pyongyang. The leader wants researchers to produce domestic coronavirus vaccines and not depend on those made in China. In July last year, North Korea slammed emergency in Kaesong after reports of a coronavirus patient there.