Heavy rains followed by floods have affected lives in parts of New Zealand. Southland Mayor Gary Tong has declared a state of emergency in the region. The action will help all concerned to join forces in order to tackle the current situation. Heavy rainfall and floods can have serious consequences. Many people including tourists and trampers are stranded in different places and the authorities have begun evacuating them.

Some of the trampers (hikers) are injured. Those in charge of rescue are resorting to aerial routes by using helicopters since many of the roads are underwater because of landslides.

That is having an adverse effect on rescue operations. Aerial evacuation also has its unique problems since the choppers have to wait for the weather to clear. Similarly, transportation by road is also a problem in view of the condition of roads blocked by debris from landslides. It does not allow for the smooth flow of traffic.

New Zealand Herald quotes Southland District Mayor Gary Tong as saying, “We've got a lot of rain, and the temperatures are reasonably high, so that's causing that low cloud right down into the valley floors really." Rescue teams have to evacuate tourists from Milford Sound.

The floods have left hundreds of them stranded. While many have been evacuated, the remaining are awaiting their turn for evacuation.

New Zealand is alert to the floods

The authorities in New Zealand are keeping track of the happenings and are alive to the immediate needs of the people. There is extensive damage to a tunnel.

It could lead to delays in opening the road because some of its sections have yet to be checked for their condition. Rescue teams are moving out tourists and others to safety from the floods. Some of them preferred to remain on the cruise ships in the dock. An official of a tour company said,'' We don't have 400-odd beds but, if it came to it, we would make do and have enough room to accommodate everyone.''

New Zealand Herald assures that tour operators will extend all possible help to fly out tourists who urgently needed to get out of Fiordland.

The Met department has upgraded the warning level and indicated the possibility of more rains in the coming days, especially in coastal regions. Air Milford announced the suspension of flights until weather conditions improve. City council staff in Dunedin are engaged in preparatory work like clearing stormwater and wastewater infrastructure before the rains arrive. In Otago, levels of the lakes are rising. However, they are not expected to pose danger.

Floods leave tourists stranded in New Zealand's South Island

According to Sky News heavy rains coupled with floods have left hundreds of tourists stranded in New Zealand's South Island. The rivers are rising and the situation could deteriorate further.

The authorities declared a state of emergency when many people got trapped in the region. It is a popular Travel destination. Tourists come to enjoy the sights of the snow-capped Southern Alps and glacier-carved valleys.

Normal lives disturbed by floods

Any flood is a natural disaster and it is usually a result of excessive rains. The downpours lead to a rise in the level of water bodies like rivers and lakes. Landslides dump debris on the roads and block the smooth flow of traffic. At times, floods disrupt power and cause damage to infrastructure.