Environment Agency in the UK has cautioned entire communities that reside near the coasts or rivers, to be ready to move out of danger zones. This is based on predictions that average global temperatures could see a rise of 4°C. Critics of Global warming must accept the fact that floods on coastal regions are the result of sea level rise due to the melting of glaciers and icecaps. The effect is felt at the ground level when huge waves pound the coast and take a heavy toll on lives, properties, and infrastructure.

The Guardian reports that the agency said communities must be prepared to take difficult decisions.

Only then, will the country will have the confidence to face the challenges. The network added that it is not feasible to prevent flooding by building higher land defenses or walls. The agency document says that instead of waiting for a flood to happen, there must be advance action taken to build “climate resilient” communities, homes and businesses. The authorities must evolve a suitable system to tackle a threat of this nature.

Long-term strategy to tackle floods

Emma Howard Boyd is the chair of the Environment Agency.

She has defined the long-term strategy to tackle issues related to flooding and coastal change. It was in anticipation of a 4C rise in global temperatures. She says the policy should cover a wide range and not be confined to natural barriers and flood relief systems. It should cater to homes and businesses that can withstand the onslaught of floods.

Incidentally, houses in the US are also at risk of coastal flooding.

The Guardian adds that there are some areas of concern where it may not be feasible to extend protection to certain sections of homes and businesses.

In such cases, priority should be assigned to ensure the safety of the people, keep damage to the minimum and arrange evacuation if required. It is difficult to ignore the problem because the number of properties in England facing flood risk will keep rising. It could be in millions by 2080.

It is a wake-up call

According to The Sun UK, the government agency in the UK has come out with its long-term strategy to manage the risk of flooding and erosion of the coastline. It admits that flooding caused by global warming could force whole towns to relocate away from the coast and rivers to ensure the safety of the people. The Environment Agency has announced its long-term strategy to manage the risk of flooding and erosion of the coastline.

In the words of agency chairwoman Emma Howard Boyd, "we cannot win a war against water." She adds, "The coastline has never stayed in the same place and there have always been floods, but climate change is increasing and accelerating these threats.”

Apart from building barriers, there must be natural flood management schemes like planting trees that can slowdown the flow of rivers and act as a binding agent for the soil. Such actions would strengthen the environment and create habitat for wildlife.