President Donald Trump had developed a special bond with Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. However, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party is the new man who will be at the helm of affairs in the White House. That is once he is officially called as the election winner. Obviously, he might be in favor of evolving a new strategy to tackle issues related to the Korean peninsula. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un met on a number of occasions to discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.The nuclear ambitions of the hermit kingdom have led to the imposition of sanctions that have affected its economy.

The Wall Street Journal says North Korea "does not want to pick a fight with Biden, for now." In this sense, Kim Jong-Un does not seem to want to change his political approach with the U.S. As Soo Kim, a Rand Corp. policy analyst said to Bloomberg: “Regardless of the U.S. presidency, the North Korean regime is unlikely to change its behavior or shift its strategy toward the U.S."

Biden talks about his approach to North Korea

A former U.S. State Department official says the potential Biden administration cannot afford to ignore Pyongyang. The country has its methods to ensure that it is heard. Evans Revere, a former U.S. State Department official with experience in negotiations with the North and said to Japan Times: “The president-elect is clearly open to engaging North Korea, and that is a good message to be sending Pyongyang right now.” Details of this approach are under wraps but the Biden camp appears to have left scope to maneuver.

The Biden administration will have to redefine its priorities and obtain a commitment vis-à-vis the goal of denuclearization. These have to be on the same frequency as that of any allies.

Japan Times goes on to add that Biden believes in principled diplomacy and he will not mind meeting Kim Jong-un. Incidentally, North Korea is worried about the COVID-19 pandemic and kept its borders sealed since early this year.

It also intensified its campaigns against the virus. Kim Jong-Un urged officials to remain on high alert to tackle the disease.

Trump praised Kim Jong-Un the leader of North Korea

According to South China Morning Post, before the final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un unveiled a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

Later, at the debate, the moderator brought up the subject of the powerful and growing arsenal of the North. Trump sidestepped the question and made a mention of the meetings he had with Kim Jong-Un. Trump also said the relationship helped to prevent a nuclear confrontation with the US. His words were: “We don’t have a war, and I have a good relationship.” In view of Trump’s likely defeat, it will be up to Biden to respond to Kim Jong-Un’s arsenal of nuclear weapons. The United States does not formally acknowledge the North as a nuclear weapons state even though it has a large inventory. The US Army reveals the weapon inventory of North Korea includes nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and cyber warriors.

Goal of Biden is a nuclear-free North Korea

Biden’s goal, like his predecessors, is a nuclear-free North Korea. This has eluded Trump and others. Trump and Kim Jong-Un engaged in personal diplomacy in 2018 and 2019. However, North Korea continued to produce nuclear weapons and in March 2020 launched more projectiles into the East Sea. In previous administrations, North Korea conducted a major weapons test soon after the new US president took office.