The Korean peninsula is always an area where the action never stops. North Korea makes use of it to display its aerial power and arsenal of airborne weapons like missiles. This time North Korea has once again launched projectiles into the Sea of Japan. South Korea's military confirms this and adds that they appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles. The projectiles had a range of 255 miles and attained a maximum altitude of around 31 miles. Japan confirmed there were no damages and one of the missiles landed outside the waters of its exclusive economic zone.

The intention of this exercise could be to make a statement. The country probably wants to remain relevant to global powers. Kim Jong-un wants to attract the attention of the world, especially the United States, to the issue of lifting sanctions imposed on it. Both Washington and Beijing would like Pyongyang to return to talks on denuclearization because that has links to the easing of sanctions. US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, leader of the North met thrice in Singapore, Hanoi, and the DMZ. They discussed the issue but were unable to arrive at an acceptable solution.

The BBC says South Korea is monitoring the situation and keeping a watch on developments.

It describes the action as "extremely inappropriate" especially when the world is trying to come to terms with the threat of the Chinese virus. It originated in China, has affected people on a large scale and even led to fatalities.

The Chinese virus is worrying about North Korea

Pyongyang’s latest launch of projectiles towards the East Sea coincides with the announcement that the hermit kingdom plans to hold a session of the Supreme People's Assembly on 10 April.

This assembly is the parliament of North Korea and top leaders would attend. Sources inform that the meeting would express confidence in the way the authorities have handled the situation of the virus.

The BBC adds North Korea claims to be one country that has not fallen in the grip of the virus.

Some experts have their reservations because North Korea shares its borders with China, where it originated. South Korea reported a major outbreak and it is the neighbor of the North. An official of the US military feels the country also faced infections. In the initial stages, North Korea had quarantined many foreigners. Most of them were diplomatic staff stationed in Pyongyang. The restrictions were lifted after the end of the quarantine period and many of them have since been flown out. Obviously, Pyongyang is cautious and playing the cards close to its chest.

North Korea conducts artillery fire competition

According to The Guardian, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants to keep his army battle-ready at all times.

State media KCNA says the leader guided an artillery fire competition between different units of the army. High-ranking military officers were present on the occasion. That was on Friday, and the next day it launched two projectiles. These could be in the category of short-range ballistic missiles. North Korea had conducted two launches earlier this month and from the looks of it, intends to continue testing them at regular intervals to make its presence felt.

Missile launches by North Korea could be a message

North Korea and the United States have two very dynamic leaders in Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. In the early days of Trump’s presidency, they were not on good terms. At one point in time, there were fears of a major conflict and Pyongyang had even identified a few probable American targets.

However, the diplomacy of the US President paid dividends and North Korea came to the table for discussions. The meetings began on a positive note in Singapore but lost steam in Hanoi. They had a third meeting in the DMZ but there is no noticeable progress. That could be preying on the mind of the North Korean leader.