The world is reeling under various restrictions imposed to check the spread of Coronavirus. It originated in China and spread to every corner of the world. The death toll is in thousands and there is no apparent vaccine yet. People have to take precautions like social distancing and avoid crowded places. Obviously, different aspects of life like Travel, tourism, entertainment and sports have taken a heavy beating, as have a whole lot of associated businesses. That is probably a reason why officials in America and Britain want to introduce a “transatlantic air bridge.” The intention is to connect New York City and London.

The concept is praiseworthy because such a system would allow people to travel between the two cities without fears of being in quarantine for specific periods. A spokesperson from the United Kingdom's Department for Transport did not deny the claims.

Daily Mail UK says efforts are on to obtain feedback from the Federal Aviation Authority and others. Under the present rule, citizens from Britain cannot vacation in the United States. This is as per an order put into place by President Donald Trump in March.

In case US citizens fly to Britain they would have to isolate for 14 days or risk paying a penalty. Discussions on the air bridge are in the initial stages and would be a boon for travelers, once implemented. A resident of New York City need not quarantine in London, but begin sightseeing on arrival in London and vice versa.

London and New York City flattened the curve of coronavirus

The proposed “transatlantic air bridge” would cater to those living in New York City and London. People of surrounding areas where COVID-19 transmission rates are low can also avail this opportunity. In the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic, New York City was the global epicenter.

That is no longer the case because the numbers have dropped considerably. Daily Mail UK says Mayor Bill de Blasio produced figures to justify this. London has also managed to flatten the curve. These cities want to take advantage of the situation and try to restore normalcy to lives and living.

Beat coronavirus to get business back on track

The message is clear. A scheme like the one proposed between New York City and London can help to get business back on track in the age of coronavirus.

It is a fact that businesses have suffered in both the cities due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these are tourist-related enterprises like hotels and tour operators. They are out on a limb. Daily Mail UK mentions about tourist attractions that remained closed for months and they want to reopen. The picture is not a pleasant one and there is a need to evolve a formula. In New York City, some museums will reopen with certain limitations. Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will also be there in November but Broadway will be out of bounds until at least next January. In May, the US decided to extend travel restrictions due to coronavirus.

Quarantine due to coronavirus a deterrent for travel

According to The Sun UK, the pandemic is highly contagious and incoming travelers have to go in for quarantine when they arrive at a new location.

Japan wants to tackle coronavirus infection by using hands-free doorknob for airplane toilets. Britain and America are planning to reopen the travel and tourism sectors for low-risk areas where infection rates have dropped. The objective is to do away with quarantine, which is normally of 14 days duration. This is acting as a deterrent for travel and top-level talks are on between the two governments to open up a “transatlantic air bridge” connecting the two major cities. An airport industry source has told a media outlet - “New York is the financial centre of the most powerful economic force in the world so we need to be able to fly there.”