The Trump administration had taken advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic and sealed its borders against entry of individuals who could be potential dangers to the safety of others. These measures, introduced in March to choke the spread of the disease, was extended in April. Other countries took similar action in response to the outbreak. The actions helped to curb immigration to America. However, the authorities plan to extend Travel restrictions and strengthen the border control measures.

Donald Trump has always wanted to prevent the entry of people without a visa into America.

He promised to build a Mexico border wall during his 2016 campaign, in his opinion, to make America safe. Its purpose would be to ban the entry of illegal migrants, drug smugglers etcetera. Designs were finalized for the wall and prototypes were built. The objective was to ensure an impregnable wall strong enough to thwart people from scaling it or getting access to the other side. Work on building the wall has started.

CNN quotes Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf as telling reporters last week, "Those restrictions do expire here on the 21st of May.” As far as Canada is concerned, the country's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau feels the US-Canada border should remain closed through June.

The agreement between the two countries allows for essential travel, including commercial traffic.

America uses coronavirus as a tool to control its border

A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson has said that America will stick to the current restrictions on travel across the borders. It will remain effective for non-essential travel.

However, it will not apply to cross-border activities related to some specific areas. The Trump administration wants to take advantage of the pandemic to control the arrival of migrants at the borders. Some feel such a decision has political undertones.

CNN says there was a move to use certain diseases as grounds to tighten border security.

In fact, the administration wants to introduce a number of changes in different spheres to limit the entry of outsiders into the country. Another aspect is the humanitarian protections for migrants. Here also, the administration is drawing the line claiming it is in the interest of public health. In the opinion of a section of certain people in the know, the intention of these restrictions prima facie appears to be to halt immigration, rather than serve the cause of public health.

Reopening of Canada-US border after coronavirus

According to CTV News CA, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped hints of extending the Canada-U.S. border restrictions by another month. He says the time is not ripe to go in for easing cross-border shutdown.

The two sides had already agreed to an extension until May 21. That could possibly shift to June 21. Federal officials and Homeland Security are examining the subject and could arrive at a decision soon. Trudeau wants to ensure safety for his countrymen and his government will make the right decisions. In his words - “We are a good week away from the expiry of the current phase of our border restrictions, with the United States. Conversations are ongoing.”