Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, has taken upon herself the responsibility of generating public opinion about the need to check Climate change. She attended a number of summits, spoke out about the evils of global warming and has succeeded in winning over the youth.

Greta has used strong words to express her feelings and the youth throng to her meetings to listen to her. They realize that the survival of the world is at stake. Many have criticized the climate activist but some celebrities have praised her approach. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood actor, has extended support to Greta Thunberg.

Leonardo DiCaprio is another. During her brief stay in the United States, Arnold provided her with an electric car to get around.

Daily Mail UK describes the scene in Lausanne. Greta Thunberg gave another of her speeches to the gathering of climate protesters in the city. The organizers estimate the crowd to be around 15,000 and the city center ground to a standstill. Greta warned world leaders “you haven't seen anything yet.” She is on her way to the Davos summit next week to share the platform with the most powerful people to chalk out future strategies on these global challenges.

Ban fossil fuels says Greta Thunberg

The Swedish teenager knows the dangers of fossil fuels because they generate gases that lead to the greenhouse effect and consequent global warming. That is why Greta Thunberg used a catamaran to cross the Atlantic to attend the COP25 in Lisbon. During her speech, she mentioned the lack of action in the area of combating climate change.

She said, “That has to change. This is just the beginning. You haven't seen anything yet. We assure you of that!” In Davos, she is likely to draw the attention of corporate leaders to the subject of investing less in fossil fuels. That one factor aggravates global warming and is bad for the planet. She could use the example of the recent fires in Australia to highlight the dangers of global warming.

Donald Trump is expected to be present in the 3,000-delegate summit in the Alps.

Daily Mail UK mentions the effects of her speech had on other activists. One of the groups held a banner that said, “'Let's Change The System, Not the Climate.” Another displayed a soft toy koala with a sign that read “HELP.” It was a reminder of the Australian bushfires. Yet another referred to the melting of glaciers.

Teenagers love to hear Greta Thunberg

According to NDTV, while speaking to the mostly teenage crowd of climate protesters in the Swiss city of Lausanne, she lamented the lack of real climate action.

She will be addressing the summit in Davos next week. Her agenda is to convince governments and financial institutions to help control global warming by withdrawing investment in fossil fuels. She has risen to a figure of prominence within a short time and can talk tough to put across her point of view. Greta Thunberg did it when she talked to the Congress in the United States. Incidentally, this visit will be the second time she will be a part of the Davos summit.

Greta Thunberg has mobilized the youth

Global warming is an issue that the world cannot ignore. In 2015, there was a summit held in Paris on climate change. The world leaders took note of the crisis and agreed to implement certain decisions.

These related to the control of carbon footprints. Obviously, there was a need to explore alternatives and lay stress on Renewable Energy. That is the mission of Greta Thunberg and within a very short time, she has been able to mobilize the youth. They seem to understand the very foundation of the world is on shaky ground and calamities like typhoons, forest fires, and sea-level rise pose threats to humanity.