16-year-old Greta Thunberg is a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and arrived in America on a solar-powered yacht to promote her agenda. She was present in a meeting of the Senate climate crisis task force to voice her opinion. The distinguished audience praised the teens and wanted advice from them on how Congress could tackle the issue of climate change. Greta did not mince her words when she replied - “Please save your praise. We don’t want it.” She politely reminded them that she was a student and suggested involving scientists and asking them for their expertise.

She is determined to make a difference and has galvanized the youth across the world demanding more action on how to combat the impact of global warming.

The Guardian mentions about her bluntness when she told the Congress, “I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.” It drew applause and Senator Ed Markey, the Massachusetts Democrat, admitted that the youth could make an impact. He is co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and leader of the Senate task force. However, he is aware that implementing an agenda on climate change in the existing scenario is bleak and vowed to try.

The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal looks at a 10-year period to eliminate the nation’s emissions.

Scientists have formulated certain norms on limiting warming to 1.5C reduction of manmade carbon levels by 45 percent by 2030 in order to attain a net zero by around 2050. Markey pointed out that their movement is having an effect on the 2020 presidential debate. Candidates are having to face issues like climate change and offer their plans to combat global warming.

This is a positive development compared to 2016. Incidentally, in the United States, the support for action on climate change is polarized. President Donald Trump himself is still not convinced about the science behind global warming. He has not signed the Paris accord on climate change.

The Guardian goes on to add that Greta Thunberg arrived in America after crossing the Atlantic in a yacht powered by Renewable Energy.

It was solar-powered. On Monday, she met former President Barack Obama who described her as someone who is “unafraid to push for real action.” On Wednesday, she will deliver a “major address” to members of Congress.

The teenage Swedish activist wants action

According to the BBC, Greta Thunberg the climate activist has come to the US on a specific mission. She has inspired youth across the world to stand up and fight to save the world from ill effects of global warming. She wants them to raise their voice and force decision-makers to assign priority to combat the evil of climate change. She was one of several young activists who came from around the world to address the task force during two days of action and speeches.

Senator Ed Markey, who leads the climate team, described Greta as a "superpower." Her appearance in front of US politicians was the first step. Next, will be planned climate strikes around the world on Friday and a further strike the next Friday. Greta is making noises with the hope of waking up those who are pretending ignorance about a burning issue that could threaten the future of the world.