Danger sign of the Taal volcano in the Philippines is raised to "Alert Level 4" and authorities warned that it was a "volcanic tsunami." There was priority assigned for the evacuation of people from danger zones and the main international airport was closed in view of the disturbing situation. There was suspension of all incoming and outgoing flights and a layer of ash covered the runways. Areas north of the volcano experienced prolonged deposits of ash that affected lives in general. Civil aviation authorities advised against venturing into the airspace around the volcano because of the ash factor coupled with ballistic fragments.

These have destroyed the travel plans of many since the surroundings were full of steam, ash and various sizes of debris spewed by the volcano.

Fox News mentions about mass evacuation of people in thousands mostly from coastal regions. The authorities identified the danger zone as being within an 8-mile radius of the volcano's crater. Residents here were at high risk. Along with tremors, there were volcanic lightning also visible in the columns of steam and ash.

A couple of volcanic earthquakes followed the tremors. There was poor all-round visibility and people wore masks and goggles to safeguard themselves.

Life has been disturbed

Many schools were closed to ensure the safety of the children and avoid risks posed by an unhealthy environment chockful of ash and gases apart from falling debris of rocks spewed by the volcano.

The U.S. State Department cautioned its people to "exercise caution" in case they happened to Travel to the region, especially near the volcano. The advice also pertains to avoiding entry into the Permanent Danger Zone and high-risk areas in the country.

Fox News provides more information on volcanoes in the Philippines.

This area lies along the Pacific's so-called “Ring of Fire” which is a huge horseshoe-shaped ring where most of the world’s quakes occur. This is what the USGS says. Incidentally, the region has 452 volcanoes.

There are fears of a 'volcanic tsunami'

According to the BBC, the Taal volcano in the Philippines has started to spew lava and the authorities warn about the possibility of a "hazardous eruption" any moment, could be "within hours or days." Already a weak flow of lava has appeared. This is the Philippines' second most active volcano and is believed to have recorded at least 34 eruptions in the past 450 years. The authorities say - "Taal volcano entered a period of intense unrest... characterized by weak lava fountaining accompanied by thunder and flashes of lightning." However, there are no signs of a hazardous eruption yet. Incidentally, there is a warning of a possible "volcanic tsunami" in place. Falling debris after an eruption could trigger the tsunami that could push the water to generate waves.