Climate activist Greta Thunberg is determined to practice what she preaches and set an example for others to follow. She knows fossil fuels are harmful because they are sources of global warming. Therefore, instead of taking the aerial route, she chose the sea route to cross the Atlantic from the United States. She traveled in a catamaran belonging to an Australian family. The journey lasted for three weeks and she has arrived in Lisbon. Her next stop is Spain where she will attend the UN climate conference in Madrid.

The Guardian provides additional details.

The original schedule of the climate meeting was in Chile but shifted to Spain due to unavoidable circumstances. Hence, Greta Thunberg who was in America had to cross the Atlantic. In order to do that, she wanted a low-carbon form of transport. Fortunately, she was able to link up with an Australian family. The yacht, named 'La Vagabonde', was the solution. It leaves hardly any carbon footprint because it has sails, and uses Renewable Energy like solar panels and hydro-generators for electricity. It was a 48-ft boat. Her plans in Lisbon include meeting local dignitaries and other activists. Subsequently, she will proceed to the Spanish capital. Greta Thunberg’s father was on the boat when it entered Lisbon.

Climate change is a major threat

The teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has undertaken a seemingly impossible challenge. She wants to change the mindset of the people and make them realize that climate change must be addressed since it poses a major threat to the world. She uses every available platform to drive home the point and she has received bouquets as well as brickbats.

The Guardian says Chile’s environment minister, Carolina Schmidt, appreciated Thunberg’s role in talking about the threat of climate breakdown. In her words, “She has been a leader that has been able to move and open hearts for many young people and many people all over the world.”

An official report released on the sidelines of the climate talks reveal the current decade could be on its way to set a 10-year temperature record.

The World Meteorological Organization reveals the magnitude of the problem. It says, “Since the 1980s, each successive decade has been warmer than the last.” This is a matter of concern and ignoring it would be incorrect.

Greta is setting a trend

According to BBC, Greta Thunberg the climate activist from Sweden had come from the UK to the US in a boat to attend two climate change conferences. Now, she has once again opted to Travel by boat from the US to attend the COP25 in Spain. She is against flying by planes because of the impact they have on the environment. On her arrival in Lisbon, supporters and activists who were staging a protest against climate change at sea greeted her. She took the opportunity to address them and said, “we fight for not only ourselves, but for our children and for our grandchildren and for every single living being on Earth.”