The counting of votes in the poll-bound Indian State of Karnataka has started at 8 AM on Tuesday.

The results of the single phase assembly elections are all set to be declared today on May 15, 2018. However, the exit polls of the elections were announced after the voting ended on May 12.

The market is closely watching the results of the elections, and the SEBI regulators are keeping a hawk eye on the results of the election to prevent any manipulation or excessive volatility in the markets.

Live updates:

Early leads

BJP: 120

Congress: 58

JDS: 42

- Siddarmaiah is reportedly trailing by 7000 votes

Senior officials and market regulators have increased surveillance and risk management systems to preempt any manipulative activities and excessive volatility risks on Monday and Tuesday.

Such measures are not new, and such steps have been taken in the past after polls in UP, Gujarat, and also at the time of 2014 elections. The vigil is likely to be continued post-May 15 after the elections are declared because manipulators are likely to take advantage of the melee after the results are announced.

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The Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 will also have a major impact on the economic agenda of the center in the near feature. Many economic measures which could be unpopular but beneficial to the economy could be postponed, and populist measures could be initiated. Already the petrol hike by 18 paisa which was delayed due to elections in the state has been initiated.

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This indicates that the ruling NDA combine is jittery. The election results will also serve as a barometer of the public mood about the Modi government at the center. If he is successful to break the Congress bastion, it will serve as the doorway for Modi to make an entry into the southern states.

It was also recognized by all the main political parties who promised significant swathes of money to irrigation projects and relief for the rural population in their manifestoes.

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