Morgan Tsvangirai, an Opposition Leader in Zimbabwe has died after battling cancer. There are calls for him to be honored as a hero and be buried in Heroes Acre. Morgan Tsvangirai had long called for Robert Mugabe to step down from power in Zimbabwe and he lived to see this happen.

Morgan Tsvangirai was lauded across social media for his efforts to lead Zimbabwe to true democracy. Pastor Evan Mawarir, of #This Flag renown, posted on Facebook, "Morgan Tsvangirai, A doyen of democracy and justice in our time. Thank you for making it possible for people like me to find the courage to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, HATICHADA, HATICHATYA.

Zimbabwe owes you a great debt sir."

Across on Twitter, there are many people calling for the former leader of the Movement for Democratic Change to be buried in Heroes Acre. Heroes Acre was established by the Mugabe Government and has honored many people who died while serving the ruling party of Zimbabwe, ZANU PF

Morgan Tsvangirai was once Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 2009 to 2013

Morgan was tireless in his efforts for change and was relentlessly hounded by then-president Mugabe. As the MDC-T candidate in the 2008 elections which are widely believed to have been 'stolen' he challenged the outcome, taking 47.8 percent, placing him ahead of Mugabe, who received 43.2 percent. USA Today reported at the time that Tsvangirai believed results could have been altered in the month between the election and the reporting of the results.

Morgan was charged with treason, beaten and arrested, but charges were later dropped. He once said of Zimbabwe and the Mugabe rule, "We have nothing to show for our independence, except overwhelming poverty." His wife died in an accident and he was diagnosed with cancer. While everyone knew he was ill, it was touching that the incumbent President Mnangagwa visited his bedside.

He passed away from his cancer on Valentine's Day 2018.

People call for Morgan to be buried in Heroes Acre

Although nearing death, in December 2017, Morgan Tsvangirai arranged for a "high-powered three-member delegation" to go on a campaign. This included a visit to the United States for meetings in Washington DC. News Day reported this was to ratchet up "international pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to implement electoral reforms and level the political playing field ahead of next year’s general elections."

Now, some of his supporters are calling for him to have a burial that honors him as a hero.

Respected media man Trevor Ncube posted on Twitter, "I wish to strongly endorse public sentiment that the late Morgan Tsvangirai be granted national hero status and be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre"

Others endorsed the call. One person replied to Ncube, saying. "He is indeed a hero. A man who stood for democracy in Zim. If he gets to be laid there indeed we have reached a stage for political maturity in Zim.

Hear our call @edmnangagwa."

Another posted, "That will be a great stride towards peace and reconciliation sir."

Tributes to Morgan Tsvangirai

There have been tributes by leading overseas figures. One, in particular, came from Boris Johnson, UK, who posted, "Morgan Tsvangirai represented courage and determination in the face of oppression, and gave ordinary Zimbabweans faith to believe in the future. He was one of the bravest political leaders of his time and will be sadly missed."