The candidates of Miss International 2017 wore Japan’s National Dress as they attended a press conference a few weeks before the coronation night on November 14, Missosology reported. They also revealed the pageant’s early favorites.

During the welcome event held on October 27, the ladies sported the kimono which is considered as the national attire in this East Asian nation. The kimonos came in different colors and featured floral designs.

They arranged their hair to a high bun to further accentuate the dress. It has been an annual tradition for the Miss International pageant to hold this particular event.

Even previous winners also went through this part of the competition before the final night.

Early picks

After the press conference wearing their kimonos, the contestants in Miss International 2017 attended a welcome event held at the Miss Paris Ginza building in Japan. This exclusive gathering was also attended by judges and some of the partners of the pageant.

The ladies wore their evening gowns as they engaged in conversations with the judges. Missosology, one of the most widely read pageant websites, picked out their favorites that night.

The candidates who stood out included the ladies from Curacao, Japan, Ghana, Lithuania, Poland and South Africa. Other shortlisted participants included the candidates from Nepal, Indonesia, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Curacao’s Chanelle Wilhelmina Maria wore a bright-colored dress and kept her hair in a beautiful bun. The gown had a huge slit on her skirt which further emphasized her legs.

Meanwhile, the hometown bet from Japan showcased a red off-shoulder gown. The elegant piece featured a long train. Natsuki Tsutsui, a 24-year-old office professional from Tokyo, chose to arrange her black hair in a bun as well.

Lithuania’s Patricija Belousova a strapless gown in black. Her outfit featured a sheer overlay on the sides to subtly reveal her skin. Vanessa Pulgarin from Colombia chose to untangle her wavy hair as she wore another strapless gown with an intricate design.

Final event

The coronation night of Miss International 2017 will be held at Tokyo Dome City in Japan.

This will be the 57th edition of the event that started in 1960. Current titleholder Kylie Versoza from the Philippines is set to pass on her duties to the new winner of the crown.

Versoza was crowned in 2016 in the same exact venue where the pageant will be held in November. During that night, there will be a swimsuit, evening gown and interview competitions that will determine the new winner.