When a husband and wife were visiting London last Wednesday, they stopped by a Starbucks shop at Tavistock Square near Russell Square to order coffee before heading back home in west England. The wife ordered a Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino that is made with Teavana tea, blended juice, and ice. She was looking forward to enjoying it. After taking only one sip, she got a piece of metal stuck in her throat. The experience was so bad she almost choked. The couple could not believe what was happening.

Foreign office in coffee

The couple couldn't determine if the foreign object was a staple or a bent paper clip.

All the woman knows is that it was made of metal, and it got stuck in her mouth. After the woman's husband took a picture of the metal and sent it to the company, starbucks began investigating the situation immediately.

A spokesperson said in a statement that the investigation is already underway because the company takes these matters very seriously. The spokesperson added that the company has been in direct contact with the customers. The company apologized and hopes the customers will return to the store for a more pleasant experience.

About Starbucks

Even though Starbucks is an American Coffee company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, it has 26,696 locations all over the world which includes the coffee chain in London where the piece of metal was found in the woman's Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino.

People want to know if anything like this has ever happened at Starbucks before and if it is likely to happen again.

The coffee chain has been in the news numerous times before, but it has not been about a situation exactly like this one. There have many controversies surrounding Starbucks since it was started in 1971. In November 2015, the public accused the company of downplaying Christmas with its solid red cups.

That was a big change from previous seasons when the company used cups with scenes of the season. Social media sounded off and claimed Starbuck started a war on Christmas.

In the United Kingdom where the foreign object was found in the coffee last week, there were some legal matters concerning the company in 2008. Local authorities accused the company of opening several stores without permission in retail areas.

Even though there was a backlash, Starbucks won all the cases against the company. There have been controversies over guns and European tax evasion. Over the years, there have been some recalls. A metal straw was recalled. A breakfast sandwich was also recalled because of Listeria that was suspected.