Palawan is said to be the most beautiful island in the world. People who are lucky enough to Travel to the Philippines often make it their island of choice. Even though the list of islands is long, people prefer this place because it has some of the most amazing things you could wish to enjoy. This island is not only known for its scenic beauty, but also for the kind of delicacies it offers. From crocodile sisig to super creamy halo-halo, there is nothing that you would not want to taste here if you are the adventurous type. After a nice, long walk on the shore of any beach that you want to enjoy in Palawan, you will more than likely bump into an amazing restaurant where you can feast on delicious cuisine.

But what about Tamilok?

Woodworms may sound like ugly little things to foreign visitors, but they are considered a blessing in Palawan. Of course, I am not talking about the woodworms that feast on the wooden items in your house, but about the ones that are slimy and taste like oysters.

In the Bakawan Forest, your guide will tell you how the locals look at dead mangrove trees and their mouths water. This is because the woodworms are juicy and slimy to look at, but sweet and delicious to taste. They are called 'Tamilok' and are found in the trunks and branches of dead trees in the forest.

How do you get these woodworms?

It is not very difficult to find these worms, and nobody needs to be a professional in the hunting process.

You just need to find a dead tree in the forest, crack open its wood, pull out the worms, take off the head as well as feet of the mollusk and you have an amazing dish in your hands! The best thing about these worms is that they die as soon as they come into contact with oxygen. This means that you are saved from the guilt of killing them to eat them!

You just need to open the wood and let the worms die on their own. One thing that you have to be careful of is to remove the head and feet of the worms before eating them. Their slimy body is what meets your taste buds and gives the most amazing feeling to your tongue. Nevertheless, if you are a bit of a squeamish visitor, maybe you should let a local do the preparation part for you!

There are several articles and videos online where potential visitors can learn a bit more about the texture of these little beauties on the tongue. Really, it seems they are not much different from the experience most people have when eating oysters. It is just a little bit sweeter.

So on your tip to Bakawan, don't forget to open up the wood and find out these lovely delicacies. Or go along to one of the restaurants, dip them in your favorite sauce and you will never forget the taste!

Would you dare to taste this?