Coffee is the weakness of millions of people. There are people who cannot go without it. Whether You want to go on a first date with your crush or meet a client for an important discussion, it is the only thing that you can think of. While the cafe houses are doing well in the market, addicts are not even aware of their addiction. By the time they realize how dependent they are on this Caffeinated Beverage, they are too late. Quitting the drink is as difficult as quitting cigarettes.

No doubt there are various health benefits of drinking coffee, like improved concentration power and weight loss, but caffeine addiction can cause several health issues.

Signs you are a coffee addict

  • You drink more than two mugs of coffee every day: It is okay to drink two cups of your favorite beverage, but if you can't live without drinking coffee every hour, then it is a sign that you are addicted to it.
  • You can't start your day without a cup of this beverage: Most of the people around the globe begin their day with caffeinated drinks. However, you should be okay with not starting your day with this beverage. If morning means a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee for you then you are surely addicted.
  • Coffee is the only thing that boosts your mood: What is the first thing that you want to grab when you are low, sad or depressed? If this caffeinated drink comes to your mind, you are drinking a lot of it.
  • You feel depressed when you haven't had coffee for more than two hours: When you are addicted to coffee, you can't go on even an hour without it. If you feel depressed after two hours because you cannot get a cup of coffee, it may be a sign of your addiction.
  • You are insomniac: Do you have sleepless nights? Coffee can cause insomnia. The worst is that you drink more coffee when you are awake. In order to get a good night's sleep, you have to bring down your desperation for coffee beverages.
  • You get a headache without coffee: Beverages affect your brain. If you get a headache when you are deprived of drinking your favorite caffeinated beverage, you might want to keep an eye on your consumption.

If you are going through any of the above-mentioned Signs, it is time for you to quit coffee before it is too late.

Coffee and depression

Mayo Clinic states that there is a direct link between coffee and depression. Your caffeine consumption affects your mood. The satisfaction that you feel after drinking a cup of coffee is temporary. Thus, if you are addicted to coffee, it is time for you to work on quitting it.