The oldest grandchild of Emperor Akihito, Princess Mako, announced last Sunday that she is already set to marry her fiancé, who is a commoner. Her fiancé named Kei Komuro was her university classmate who stole her heart because of his sincerity and bright smile.

Won her over because of his bright smiles

Princess Mako and Komuro met five years ago at the International Christian University in Tokyo. Mako described her fiancé’s smile as something as bright as the sun. They enjoyed their conversation during their university’s study-abroad program. Since then, the two started dating.

When the princess got to know Komuro better, she learned that he is also sincere, hard working, and strong-minded. Even if they had a long-distance relationship during the time they needed to study overseas for a year, the couple remained stronger.

Princess Mako introduced her fiancé to her parents, the second in line to the throne, Prince Akishino, and Princess Kiko. Komuro, a legal assistant, was happily accepted by the Royal Family, including Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

When it the wedding?

The exact details of the wedding are still yet to be decided, but according to the palace officials, the wedding will take place in autumn next year. Even if the wedding news is considered as one of the happiest events in the couple’s lives, this will also cause the princess to lose her royal status.

Since women in Japan are not allowed to succeed to the throne, after marrying a commoner, the princess will also be a commoner.

The next Emperor

Japan’s current emperor, Emperor Akihito, already expressed his desire to abdicate the throne. This retirement is the first imperial abdication after two centuries. He is expected to be replaced by his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, in 2018.

The next person in line is his younger brother, Prince Akishino, who is Princess Mako’s father.

The only person left to succeed is Prince Akishino’s only son. If Prince Hisahito fails to have a son in the future, the centuries-old succession will be broken forever. After him, all of the other grandchildren are women. Because of the current status of the royal family, a lot of people think that women should be allowed to succeed the throne.

Some people also suggest bringing back the royal status of families who were stripped of their royal status during the US occupation of Japan after the World War II to continue with the royal family bloodline.