Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko met with United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday and he said that he sees the real leader in the Republican chief.

Ukraine President compares Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan

Poroshenko said he is pleased with the meeting as he believes Trump will bring peace to Ukraine. He even compared Trump to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who ended the Cold War without using violence and arms. Tuesday marked the first meeting of Trump and Poroshenko at the White House.

The Ukrainian President talked with Fox News after the meeting and said that they enjoyed the strong message of support for their territorial integrity, sovereignty, independence and their fight for freedom that Trump conveyed.

He also said Vice President Mike Pence expressed his support to Ukraine and to the 45 million people of the country.

Two presidents also talked about economic cooperation

Aside from the possibility of trying to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, the two presidents also discussed economic cooperation projects such as Pennsylvania coal exported to Ukraine for their power stations. Liquefied natural gas from Louisiana will also reach Ukraine.

Poroshenko calls on Russia to withdraw troops, believes Trump does not have special relation with Russia

Poroshenko also called for Russia to withdraw their troops and artillery in Ukraine. He claimed both Trump and Pence also feel that Russia should withdraw such from Ukraine.

Back in 2014, Russia seized the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. They also supported pro-Russian separatists who battled Ukrainian forces for months. The war has caused great damage and took many innocent lives.

When the Ukrainian president was asked about the allegations that Trump and his associates have ties with Russia and worked together to rig the presidential elections last November, Poroshenko said he does not look like someone who will have special ties with Russia.

He reiterated, “He has a great political will and he is a strong friend of Ukraine who helps me to bring peace in my country.” Trump and some of his officials are under investigation by the FBI regarding the matter. There have been no updates yet as to what are the latest findings regarding the alleged ties between Trump and Russia.

Russia has not yet commented on the statements of Poroshenko. The White House also did not give any statement regarding Poroshenko’s remark that Trump is like Reagan to them.