Earbuds or earphones come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, they vary in price depending on the type. The Chinese-based brand (ACIL) announced a giveaway of the ACIL H1 wireless headset on August 28 -- $10,000 in total value according to Gizchina.

Depending on your needs, there is an infinite number of earbuds and wireless headsets in the marketplace. Some consumers enjoy a simple pair while others want something more robust for exercising or doing high-impact physical activities. Is it always the case that more expensive earbuds are better?

In some case that is true, but it all comes down to how careful you are when using them and for what purpose.

Features and benefits of the ACIL H1 wireless earbuds

The pioneers behind the ACIL H1 earbuds put together earbuds with important features. First, because of the anatomy of the earbuds, they offer great comfort. Second, it is typical for headphones to offer superior sound quality, yet these earbuds have superb sound quality.

The third selling point for the ACIL H1 is the price. That is right, the earbuds sell for $60 and their design is above average.

Keep in mind that the earbuds are Bluetooth compatible, so you can sync up with any smartphone by Android or iOS. Let's face it, earbuds are much more comfortable and do not get those annoying knots or entanglements.

Reviewers like in the YouTube video illustrated above found the sound quality to be great. In addition, they found that the ACIL H1 produces the clearest acoustic enjoyment with a warm bass response.

This is possible thanks to its dual drivers, powerful hybrid dynamic, and balanced drivers.

Details on the participation and giveaway of the earbuds

The participation will be large for these highly sought after earbuds. One person will walk away with the ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds, and according to the company, the total value along with the coupons will be $10,000.

The giveaway is hosted by Hashbay.co and you can sign up. You will have the opportunity to get two chances for an entry the first time you visit the webpage.

Takeaways and conclusions

Once the giveaway concludes, it will be interesting to see how much participation the brand generated. When it comes to where the ACIL H1 earbuds fall in terms of quality and cost, it depends. As reported by Costhelper Electronics, these earbuds have entry-level pricing. However, given their design and ergonomic feel, they are among the higher-priced Bluetooth headsets.

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