Dell has launched a major assault in the highly lucrative consumer electronics market. The US hardware giant has just introduced its first consumer-focused Chromebook as well as latest hardware line-up.

According to VentureBeat, the Texas-based company announced its first built-for-consumer Inspiron-branded consumer Chromebook. Dell’s new Chromebook features a premium look and feel. More importantly, it shows how the new Dell Chromebook will going to compete in the highly crowded consumer laptop market.

Dell launches two new Chromebook

The new Dell’s Inspiron-branded Chromebook comes in two models.

These are the 14-inch Dell Inspiron 7480 with 2-and-1 laptop-tablet hybrid functionality and the 11.6-inch Inspiron Chromebook. The Dell Inspiron 7480 features an Intel 8th Gen Core i3 processor along with a whopping 4GB of main memory and up to 128 GB of external memory. This new Chromebook has a backlit keyboard, an electromagnetic resonance stylus and can run on 10 hours of battery life. As for the price and availability, the 14-inch Inspiron-branded Chromebook will be made available on October 23 and will cost around $600.

The Dell Inspiron 3181 is a much smaller Chromebook model with 2-in-1 tablet functionality. This 11.6-inch model comes with an Intel Celeron processor along with Intel integrated graphics.

It also features a 4 GB of system memory as well as 166 GB of flash memory. Unlike its bigger cousin, the 14-inch Inspiron 7480, Dell Inspiron 3181 will be made available on at $280.

Dell announces its latest line-up

In a bid to strengthen its market position, Dell announced its latest line-up of laptops and monitors.

The company made the big introduction at the recent IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Germany.

Dell’s latest line-up includes the 2-in-1 laptop-tablet Inspiron 7000 models, with support for Amazon Alexa voice command features. The second one is the new Dell XPS 13 laptop with a powerful dual-core Intel Core i3 processor.

Dell also announced the Vostro brand for small businesses. These new laptop models feature an 8th Gen Intel Core processors and a single sign-on fingerprint reader. Dell has added some options for better security, special security features such as storage for BitLocker and encryption keys.

In addition to laptops and Chromebooks, the company also announced a new 27-inch Dell 27 USB-C Ultrathin. This new monitor, which claims by the company as the world's brightest 27-inch display in its class, has up to 600 nits of peak brightness and an edge-to-edge viewing. But its major attraction here is the monitor's thin profile, which measures only 5.5 millimeters at the edges. This new Dell monitor is scheduled to go on sale next month at $550.

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