Wireless headphones are a dime a dozen with plenty of options to choose from with names like Bose, Apple's Beats by Dre, and Sony. Celebrity sensation Dwayne Johnson has teamed up with Under Armour and an electronics company called JBL to make ingenious wireless headphones for working out in the gym. Johnson always seems to be busy, whether being starring in movies or working out and now he has his own product to work out in.

Work out like The Rock

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Dwayne Johnson has approved the design and performance of the wireless headphones called Project Rock that are available for purchase through Under Armour's website and various Under Armour stores, as reported by Business Insider.

The headphones have been worked on for two years and are the first headphones under Dwayne Johnson's belt. The Rock has been a supporter and advocate of the brand for a while now.

As stated earlier, The Rock approved the headphones, as he worked out in them to test them out. The headphones come with a hefty price tag of $250 and are now available. Johnson commented on the process it took to get to the final product as he stated: "I prefer training in 'over the ear' headphones, but have been consistently disappointed with every pair, from every brand that just couldn't handle my workouts." The headphones have been getting good reviews from fans and critics alike.

A lot of features for lifting

The unique headphones have the bull symbol that The Rock is known for and many buttons on the sides that serve different functions, like turning up the volume or pausing the music.

A special quality of the product is that they are said to be sweatproof so that they will not impair a person's workout. It can surely be annoying to have headphones with sweat all over them and then have to clean them.

The celebrity has also made a playlist to use with the product called Iron Paradise Airwaves, as reported by The Verge.

He also has launched his own gear and training shoes, which he helped design. The one other nice feature of the headphones is that they will not fall off while working out, which can be a pain when being in the gym. The material reported by The Verge is "SuperVent lining the perimeter of the ear pads for breathability alongside a so-called Under Armour grip material." The pads can be taken off for cleaning after periods of use.

The product also comes with its own ventilated case. There is no worry about how long they can be used before they need to charge, as it will last for 16 hours and it contains a feature with "a fast five-minute charge for an hour." The headphones can be connected to Siri and consumers can talk on the phone while having them on. The product supports Bluetooth 4.1. Project Rock could be what individuals are looking for who work out in the gym a lot and want to be comfortable doing intense workouts like Dwayne Johnson and train like a bull like with these wireless headphones.