The Beat has finally updated its studio headphones with a new wireless version. The new Studio 3 Wireless headphone is now available at Apple and other dealers. Here are the details and features of the new device.

Beat latest headphone design and battery

Regarding the device's design and appearance, the Studio 3 Wireless headphone still looks similar to the Beats predecessors. However, the most recent headphone is an over-ear version with a larger size than the previous editions. The Solo 3 Wireless is also offered in six different colors such as red, white, shadow gray, blue, rose, and matte black.

There will also be limited edition designs.

When it comes to its battery, Beat's latest headphone has a longer battery life than Bose’s QC35 and Sony‘s MDR-1000x headphones. The device has a battery life of 22 hours with noise cancellation on and 40 hours in lower power mode. The users will also have three more hours of listening time from a short 10-minute charge.

Studio 3 Wireless headphone features revealed

The Beat Studio 3 Wireless headphone is equipped with Apple’s W1 chip and a better noise cancellation. The company also said that the audio quality would not change when the noise cancellation is on or off. Beats revealed that they recreated its entire platform and called it Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC).

It works by adjusting the strength of noise cancellation to a better match with the user’s environment. Hence, the adjustment will take approximately five seconds to alter its sound.

Beats’s latest headphone also features the W1 technology that will immediately allow pairing with any iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices. The company has announced that the device cushions have been enhanced.

Hence, it will be more comfortable for users who love to wear it all day long. It also features Class 1 Bluetooth, which allows the device to have a longer range and more reliable connectivity.

What to expect from iPhone 8?

A report published in CNET revealed that the company would also officially reveal its latest smartphone at the Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino on September 12.

The iPhone 8 will feature a unique design and high-end hardware.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has announced way back in June that the smartphone will feature Amazon Prime video in its Apple TV app. The device will also come with a better processor that has the capacity of streaming high-resolution 4K videos.