Since unveiling the UMIDIGI Z2 series, more information has been gradually revealed on these devices. After announcing the presale and subscription giveaway, the company added a new gradient addition, the UMIDIGI Z2 Twilight Black color to the lineup GizChina reported.

The Chinese-based brand is not the only one to go with this colorful design scheme as it has been a go-to color in 2018. Apple's iPhone X and the Huawei P20 have adopted the gradient color as well.

With the Twilight Black color being added to the lineup, no doubt eager consumers will be thrilled. It is expected that the twilight and phantom versions will be a hit when the phone goes officially on sale.

Twilight black version of the UMIDIGI Z2 series

As revealed in the video below, the UMIDIGI Z2 series are nice looking and visually-appealing. According to Gizchina, these smartphone models come in three colors: Twilight, Phantom, and Black. Now, the company went ahead and added the Twilight Black model.

The above report discovered something not so easily noticeable. This UMIDIGI device took the Black variant color scheme and fused it wilt the same color belonging to the Phantom model.

Phones that come in black colors, for the most part, are great to show off.

However, this gradient effect and color makes it more fashionable to carry around. Also, by having a shiny and gradient look to them they are very eye-catching.

Details on the presale of the UMIDIGI phones

For those interested in an alternative and more affordable brand, the company has opened its presale subscriptions.

The purchasing information can be found on the Gearbest website.

Previously the brand had posted for the sale to start on June 11. The phone will be sold through Gearbest for the UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro. The price of the units will be $249.99 with a $50 off discount to kickstart the sales of these devices.

The fun does not stop there. Furthermore, the company is looking to recruit 10 trial users and will give away exactly 10 units of the UMIDIGI Z2 series. The package includes the Q1 wireless charger. The winners will be announced on the day it goes on sale.

The hype has been building up over time. The company went to great lengths and published a teardown of the device. For the disassembly, the brand utilized the iFixit toolkit for the experiment.

It is too early to predict how many of these units will sell. So far the smartphone brand has been consistently pushing different campaigns to promote this latest product line aggressively.

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