Ever since the beginning of iPhone, many people have used the product's launch as a way to make a couple hundred dollars off of the supply-demand discrepancy. There are currently still a few iPhone 8 listings that are going above retail value with one approaching $2,000 with 36 bids. However, with most of the anticipation being for the upcoming iPhone X, the rest of the iPhone 8 listings are not much more than the retail price.

If you do a quick eBay search, you will find about ten listings for the iPhone X in various colors and storage capacities with the prices ranging from $639 to $10,100.

There have been no reports of consumer or review iPhone X's being leaked out onto the market before the November 17 release date.

'I am very confident I'll have it. Thank You.'

I was curious if some iPhone X's had been ordered already, so I reached out to "pepptrader," the seller of the most popular listing which currently has 70 bids at $10,100. I asked if he already had his hands on an iPhone X and he responding by saying he didn't currently have one but that he is confident that he will get one when preorders go up on October 27. Some of these listings are in violation of eBay's Presale Policy which states:

If you want to list presale items, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Guarantee that the item will be available for shipping within 30 days from the purchase date. Be sure to clearly state this information in your listing.

  • Clearly indicate in the listing that the item is a presale item.

  • The handling time specified in your listing should reflect the time from the end of the listing until the item is shipped to the buyer. Be sure to specify the correct handling time in your listing.

The sellers list the delivery date around mid-October which is still almost two weeks before the Pre-Orders even open up.

Even as I write this, more people are bidding on these potentially fraudulent listings and creating new listings for iPhone X pre-orders.

Back when the first iPhone was released, eBay banned all iPhone pre-sales because they witnessed many sellers who were unable to fulfill previous high-demand product releases. eBay has since returned to its pre-sale policy as shown by an official blog post that was released shortly before the iPhone 6 came out.

New estimates put the iPhone X back ordered to February

According to USA Today, many analysts say that the new iPhone won't be on shelves until the first quarter of next year, meaning that eBay and other resell sites such as Facebook Marketplace will be the only place to get Apple's new bezel-less phone for the holidays. If the iPhone X is going to be your next device or a large sum of pocket change when you sell it on eBay, you better be ready at 3:01 EST on October 27 when pre-orders become active. For those potential buyers looking for the best place to get the device from Apple itself, the Apple iOS shopping app has historically been the most reliable way to get the newest Apple products.