The Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair was utilized to unveil the Z2 UMIDIGI model. Since its revelation more details have surfaced. As part of launching the UMIDIGI Z2/Z2 Pro series, the company published a video on May 21 featuring a comprehensive teardown of the smartphone.

As the video shows, the teardown features the device getting tore down part by part. Separating core components to display some of the enhancements that comes with this handheld device. In the video, the company makes a mention of the tinkerer website, iFixit, and showcases the company's toolkit.

In this particular instance, the UMIDIGI Z2 phone in gradient color is taken apart.

The highlights of this model include the Helio P60 processor, and the large memory of 6GB RAM along with 128G ROM. This processor has become synonymous with the Snapdragon 660.

What did the UMIDIGI Z2 series teardown showcase

For starters, the smartphone is not waterproof. According to Gizmochina, the disassembly of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is straightforward. Furthermore, the video shows sealants were used to put the parts together and the iFixit tools did the trick from start to finish.

The parts that were taken apart once the backplate came off included several components.

It needed the removal of a few screws followed by the dual camera lens. After that, the technician's hands removed the NFC and wireless charging combo.

Elsewhere, upon further separating motherboard parts, the top right of the phone showed dual antenna technology of 36 global bands. A very important advancement of this device is the setup of the dual rear cameras of 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel.

Once all the parts have separated the video fast forwards to assembling the UMIDIGI smartphone and powering it on.

Winners announced from the UMIDIGI Z2 giveaway

Previously, the China-based brand announced the five lucky winners of the flagship model. The dates the contest ran were from May 4 to May 20. The units were awarded to five lucky contestants.

Below is the video of just how the company randomly selected those receiving the device.

If you missed the chance to participate you have another shot at winning. In a video posted on Facebook, UMIDIGI is planning to launch a new campaign giveaway. This time you will not only have the opportunity to win a Z2 model but also get the UMIDIGI Q1 wireless charger.

Finally, the number of prizes or units the brand will give away will be a total of 10. More information will become available and you can visit their social media pages for further details.