The announcement of the Z2 series at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair was the first step. UMIDIGI just announced the presale subscription and will start the presale of the UMIDIGI Z2 series on June 11. The campaign to kick-start the sale of the smartphone will start at a price of $249.99. The price of the UMIDIGI will be at a discount during the presale period. Afterward, the Z2 series will be priced at $299.99. Reports by UMIDIGI and Gizmo China presented the details used in this article.

There have been several phases for UMIDIGI to promote this phone. It used the mobile fair to unveil the device and has revealed specifications over time.

Now, it has set a date when the UMIDIGI model goes on sale.

Specs, and highlights of the Z2 series

So, what does the UMIDIGI Z2 series come with? For starters, it has a 19:9 full HD screen display. It comes loaded with the Helio P60 chip, which comes integrated with AI.

On top of the powerful processor chip, it comes with a front and two dual cameras. The front resolution on the front-facing camera is set at eight megapixels while the rear cameras are 16 megapixels.

The device also supports seven internet modes. In addition, the UMIDIGI supports 36 global bands, the NFC and Android 8.1 OS.

When you combine the wireless charger, UMIDIGI Q1 can be fully charged within 100 minutes.

Giveaway of the UMIDIGI Z2 series and the wireless charger

The presale subscription is just the beginning before the official sale. According to Gizmo China, 10 trial users will give away 10 pairs of UMIDIGI Z2 Pro.

Furthermore, participants of the giveaway will also receive the UMIDIGI Q1 wireless charger.

As reported by Gizmochina, every trial user will receive one unit of each product for free and winners will be announced when the presale starts on June 11. If you want to participate go to the UMIDIGI Z2 series page and enter to win.

To date, there have been 4792 participants who have entered. There are 18 days left to claim your UMIDIGI prize.

When you visit the company page make sure to read the instructions. You will have to subscribe to the page and fill out a form at the end to enter. The brand has a presence on multiple social media channels, so make sure you carefully inspect the guidelines to enter to win.

Takeaways from the Z2 series prizes

It will be fun to watch how the presale campaign performs for UMIDIGI. Also, how many units they will be able to sell will be important. How users report back o the performance and its functionality will be crucial for sales moving forward.

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