The instant messaging application WhatsApp has just 'banned' the use of three of its emojis. The icons, however, follow the emoji list of the application and cannot be used in the username for security reasons. If any user tries to use these emojis, the application will automatically remove them. The change is already in place in the new WhatsApp update, according to WABetaInfo.

The emoji in question are those that represent visa and the reason for banning such badges on usernames is that they use may induce people to understand that that account is verified as authentic, which mean that any user can appear to be a business, celebrity, or public figure.

In contrast, WhatsApp aims to provide a seal of authenticity for all corporate accounts in the enterprise application version.

Check out below the tweet from WABetaInfo, which usually tests the new features of WhatsApp updates, regarding the 'forbidden' emojis:

Deleted messages feature has failed and can be circumvented

If you're dying of curiosity when you realize that you've received a deleted message before you could even read it, thanks to the app's new feature, there's a flaw in developing this feature. The new function, which allows the user who sent the message to delete it even before the recipient reads, does not make the deleted message completely invisible.

''This message has been deleted,'' the app says. Thus, the recipient knows that the sender sent him something. And now you can also read what he sent.

Only present in the Android OS 7.0 or higher, the crash allows the user who received the deleted message to read a summarized version of it through the system notifications log, which can be accessed through the Android settings menu or the applications such as the New Launcher.

WhatsApp also says there’s a chance the person you’ve been chatting to may see your message before you try to revoke it, and that you will not be notified if one of your attempts to use Delete for Everyone is unsuccessful.

Despite its limitations, Delete for Everyone is a very handy feature that has the potential to rescue lots of users from embarrassing or awkward situations.

Deleted messages can be seen in the notification log

During the development of the new feature, the WhatsApp team made sure to remove the warnings that a message had been deleted by the sender, but seems to have forgotten that the function would not extend to the notification log itself.

Although it is only possible to read the first 100 characters of the message, this failure is already capable of ''delivering'' many messages that have been sent in error or have caused any regret to the sender. So it's still worth taking care of the messages you send.