There is much anticipation over the UMIDIGI A1 Pro. However, more details have become available after the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair. The UMIDIGI Z2/Z2 Pro models will be released on May 9 as part of a new smartphone launch.

During the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair, the Z2 series was announced. As previously reported, the UMIDIGI Z2 series comes with the Helio P60 chipset. In other words, it has an octa-core and AI.

Official released date confirmed and giveaways of the device

The device is now listed on the company's website. In addition, it has announced participation to win one of these free devices.

A total of five winners will be announced on May 21.

UMIDIGI has revealed a few more features, but come May 9 the full specifications of this Z2 series will be made public.

The colors come in a gradient finish. They are the following: Black, Twilight, and Phantom. According to Gizchina, the Twilight and Phantom versions apparently sport an innovative gradient color finish. Also, it seems strikingly similar to the Huawei P20.

Other impressive features include 6GB RAM and a storage capacity of 128GB. The camera resolution on the rear is 16-megapixel and a front-facing camera of 8-megapixel.

UMIDIGI went a step further and compared a side-by-side video with Apple's iPhone X. In the video above, both phones are compared in a few categories.

The first is the Z2 series phones are 6.2 inches long versus Apple's iPhone measuring 5.8. Furthermore, it compared the size of the device and the weight of it as well, which happens to be lighter regardless of its bigger screen.

Other specs to consider for this device and total entries for the free giveaway

As you may have guessed it, the smartphone comes loaded with a new system known as stock Android 8.1. Compared to the A1 Pro model, the Z2 series measures 5.8-inches with an HD display ration of 19:9.

The smartphone comes with wireless charging.

Specifically, it has an 18W fast charging system. It supports major global bands and includes Dual 4G LTE.

On top of the above specs, it has face unlocking and a fingerprint reader located at the back of the smartphone.

Takeaways of UMIDIGI Z2/Z2 Pro

The phone is a step-up in terms of features. It includes functionality, features, and design found on smartphones manufactured by Apple and Samsung.

According to the company website, there have been 4,440 entries entered. There are 13 days left for you to participate and earn the chance at winning one of these smartphones.

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