Whatsapp in its most recent update has modified its sharing capabilities. File sharing which was introduced last year was restricted to Pdf Files only. Now with this latest update, you can share any type of file using WhatsApp. The maximum limit available per file is 100MB. However, as Geeky Gadgets suggests, there are reports that Apple devices are able to send much bigger files as well.

Details of the update

  • With the upgraded sharing capability, this update also allows users to see their photos and videos from phone gallery on Whatsapp by swiping up in-app camera. Those who love to send lots of pictures at once, these pictures will now be grouped into a new gallery which will only display five photos along with last thumbnail showing how many total images have been sent.
  • Previously, Whatsapp used to compress images to secure some storage. But now with this upgrade, photos will be shared with original size hence the original quality of the image will remain intact.
  • A new feature has been introduced in the latest version of Whatsapp. Now you can bold or italicize your written text by just tapping and holding it.

These are the changes introduced with this latest upgrade.

As WhatsApp has now become a part of our daily life. We use WhatsApp to share our stuff and to communicate with people. Modified features to assist users and to provide a better user experience are always welcomed and appreciated by the digital community. Last year, Whatsapp introduced video-calling and made it a part of WhatsApp's features, although it was much expected it still got a lot of appreciation and we witnessed increased user-following as well. In the current year, previous to this update, Whatsapp introduced two-step verification system in order to make user's personal data much more secure, followed by status-updating and images filters.

Around 1.2 billion people use WhatsApp

Overall, it's always nice to see WhatsApp coming with a lot of these new innovations and updated features.

As now owned by Facebook Group, acquired at handsome $19 billion. Whatsapp is expected to come up with a lot of new features in future as well to outclass its competition and to increase its current user-base which around 1.2 billion now and equal it to Facebook's user-base which is 1.8 billion in just a couple of years. As now it is owned by one of the finest groups in digital technology the prosperity of Whatsapp is almost guaranteed in these smart and able hands.