The new patch for FIFA 18 has been available free of charge on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and on the PC since May 29, which is a novelty in itself, as the previous World Cup editions were only available for purchase. For the first time, EA is providing all users with an updated package, which boosts the anticipation for this year's major event taking place in Russia, The Sun reported.

Daily Star reports that the update promises not only more fun and games but also more stadiums, licenses and FUT cards. The update has a size of about 5.6 GB on most platforms.

Several game modes

Overall, there are three ways to create your own gaming experience. In the ''2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.'' The 32 participating teams who have earned a place by successful qualification are available.

You can choose a team to play in a regular World Cup Finals, including group stage and knock-out games. It is also possible to load several teams as well as to simulate games.

The ''FIFA Tournament'' option will allow you to create your own World Cup, which will be able to include non-qualified teams in the finals. The ''FIFA Kickoff'' also corresponds to the well-known normal kick-off feature, in which you can play against each other with any national teams in individual games.

Many new features

There is also a variety of new FIFA Ultimate Team Cards to purchase. The individual values are dependent on the performances of the players in question during the match. Also included are exclusive new icons such as the English legends Bobby Moore and Gary Lineker, or the German hero, Miroslav Klose.

An important difference to the normal game mode, however, is that there is no transfer market.

The goal of EA Sports to deliver as authentic a picture of the real world championship is accompanied by other special features.

Some stadiums that are not finished yet will be completely digital in the game. Likewise, the excitement should be increased through injury time, as during this time, the running seconds are displayed.

Not to forget, of course, the whole procedure with Abklatschen and national anthems. The new graphics, which will be used in the television stations, is also at the start. All in all, therefore, it will probably be not only a great match in real-time but also in the virtual world.

It is going to be a blast as the fans of the video game series wait for the World Cup edition (which only releases once every four years) more enthusiastically than they wait for the yearly edition of FIFA.